Where do Cockroaches come from, and How to Prevent Them

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Prevent Cockcroaches

Cockroaches are considered pests because they are a danger to humans and their health. They can transmit bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens through their saliva and feces.

Cockroaches also carry parasitic worms called tapeworms. These worms grow in the intestines of cockroaches and in humans when they eat infected cockroaches or food contaminated by cockroach feces.

It is not uncommon to find them infesting homes. They can get into houses through small cracks or holes in the walls, through which they enter toilets or drains that lead to your home.

If you notice a leak in your dishwasher or pipes, it might be a good idea to see if there are any openings that could be used by these creatures as well.

They also like to live near sewers and drains where there is lots of moisture for them as well as nearby shelter, so it is important that you check these areas as well if you have seen signs of cockroaches inside your house.

Their egg shells can also be found on the surface of food products stored inside sinks or cabinets without proper air flow, so it is important that you make sure there are no gaps on the sides of your cabinets and drawers so they cannot get inside.

How to Prevent Them?

Once you have identified where the cockroaches might be coming from, use simple steps to prevent them from entering your home again in the future:

Keep all food items off the floor by putting them away in cabinets or refrigerators after use; wash dishes immediately after eating; use containers with proper air flow to store dried goods; do not leave dirty dishes sitting on sides of sinks or counters;

keep drains free from any water accumulation so roaches cannot go into hiding during dry periods; clean out all cracks and crevices where water may collect with bleach; vacuum frequently under furniture legs and along baseboards;

remove roach egg shells from countertops with bleach immediately after seeing them; seal all holes leading outside with silicone caulking; prevent entry points around doors including door frames, molding and door trimming by using adhesive tape – be sure not to block any access for emergency exits if needed.

These simple steps can help prevent cockroaches from entering your home. If you have an infestation, contact a pest control expert who can schedule a professional inspection for you.


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