Decorating with a Fresh Coastal Look

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Decorating with a Fresh Coastal Look

For a fresh coastal look, choose furniture that is bright and white. Add a tropical plant or two to add color. Add other decor such as seashells, beach towels, fishing lures, surfboards and other things you may have collected while on vacation.

If you have the room for it, add a hammock and swing to relax in while you read your favorite book.

Don’t Forget the Beach!

If you can’t make it to the beach during the winter months or even if you just want to have a mini-beach vacation in your own home, consider adding some sand or fake sand (available at most craft stores) into your design scheme.

Use small containers of sand or small shells around your home as décor accents. You can even add a few seashells as well. A miniature crab pot makes an adorable display on top of your bookshelf or dresser top for example.

Add a beach chair and umbrella to your window sill or coffee table. The options are endless when it comes to the beach.

A Place to Rest Your Head

Last but not least, make sure you have a place to rest your head at night while you are watching the waves crash against the shore. Add a bright white bedspread with large colorful shells stitched on it, and use sheets in matching colors with seashells or other beach themed designs.

Place a fluffy white comforter for extra warmth on those chilly winter nights. Buy matching pillows for an extra splash of color. If you have the room, add a comfortable chair and ottoman to read in while you watch the sun set over the ocean from your window seat.

Whether you live near the ocean or have to settle for watching it from afar, these design ideas will help you feel like you are at the beach even when it is cold outside!


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