Whether you’re looking for a car to take you on a road trip, a bike to explore a new city, or a luxurious vacation home to relax in, we’ve got you covered.

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Experience The Freedom
Luxury Car Rentals

Experience the thrill of the open road in a luxury car rental from our service. Whether you need to impress clients on a business trip or want to make a special occasion unforgettable, our fleet of high-end cars has got you covered.

Long-Term Car Rentals

If you need a car for an extended period, our long-term car rentals are the perfect solution. Our flexible rental options allow you to rent a car for weeks, months, or even longer, without the hassle and expense of leasing.

Van Rentals

Traveling with a group can be challenging, but our van rentals make it easy and stress-free. Our selection of vans includes everything from minivans to full-size passenger vans, perfect for family trips, group vacations, or corporate events.

Additional Driver

Share the driving responsibilities with our additional driver option. We understand that driving long distances can be tiring, which is why we offer the option to add an extra driver to your rental.

Pricing Plan

Different pricing plans starting from:

Luxury Car Rentals

Elevate your ride with our premium rentals

SGD 150/hour
  • RM 350 /hour
  • INR 8,000 /hour
  • LKR 10,000 /hour
  • PHP 5,000 /hour
  • IDR 1,500,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Long-Term Car Rentals

Rent smarter, not harder with our long-term rentals

SGD 40/hour
  • RM 60 /hour
  • INR 1,500 /hour
  • LKR 7,000 /hour
  • PHP 1,500 /hour
  • IDR 250,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Van Rentals

Make memories, not space compromises

SGD 60/hour
  • RM 150,000 /hour
  • INR 4,000 /hour
  • LKR 6,000 /hour
  • PHP 3,500 /hour
  • IDR 750,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Additional Driver

Share the drive, share the fun

SGD 20/hour
  • RM 30 /hour
  • INR 500 /hour
  • LKR 1,000 /hour
  • PHP 500 /hour
  • IDR 100,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

How It Works

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We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences. Choose the service that best fits your budget and requirements.

After you have picked a service, simply sign-up and create an account in just a few clicks. Getting started is easy!

Once you’ve chosen your preferred service, simply place an order and let us take care of the rest. Save valuable time and energy!

Other Services

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We offer a range of services such as airport car rentals, long-term rentals, luxury car rentals, and more, to cater to your diverse needs. You can also add extras such as GPS navigation, additional drivers, and child safety seats to your rental for added convenience.

Get up and go with our affordable car rentals.

At our car rental service, we prioritize customer satisfaction and safety. We ensure that all our cars are well-maintained and regularly serviced to meet the highest safety standards. 

Experience the freedom of the open road with our car rentals.


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Whether you need help with booking, modifying your reservation, or adding extra services to your rental, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Upgrade your ride with our premium car rentals.

Why Choose Us

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee our work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every service.

Wide Selection of Vehicles

We offer a wide selection of vehicles to meet your needs, from economy cars to luxury SUVs. You can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs and budget.

Flexible Rental Periods

We offer flexible rental periods to suit your needs, whether you need a vehicle for a day, a week, or even a month. We can customize the rental period to fit your schedule.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

We take pride in maintaining our vehicles to the highest standards, ensuring that you have a safe and reliable driving experience.

Service Providers
Completed Orders
Happy People

Honest Feedback, Trusted Reviews

Trust our car rental service to exceed your expectations – just like we did for our other customers!

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The booking process was quick and easy, and the staff were friendly and professional. The car was clean and well-maintained, and I had no issues during my rental period.
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I had a last-minute rental emergency and this company was able to accommodate me with a car on short notice. The staff were very understanding and made the booking process stress-free.
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I had a long-term rental with this company and it was a great experience from start to finish. The pricing was very reasonable, the car was in great condition, and the staff were very helpful and responsive to any questions or concerns I had.
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I rented a van from this company for a family vacation and it was a great experience. The van was clean and spacious, and the rental process was very smooth. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the pricing was very reasonable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

HandyWork is a mobile-first, web-based application that connects people with on-demand service providers for household services. Users can search for the service they require and browse a list of available service providers. Once they have found a suitable service provider, they can make a booking request directly through the website.

To register on HandyWork, you do not need to create an account until you are at the final stages of making a booking. Simply search for the service you require, select a service provider, and follow the steps to make a booking.

HandyWork takes service quality seriously. We have integrated a system of information listing of businesses by Service Partners and social verification and ratings to ensure that our service providers are reliable and trustworthy.

Once you have made a booking request, the service provider will be notified and will contact you to confirm the details of the service. On the day of the service, the service provider will arrive at the location you specified and complete the job to your satisfaction.

The requirement for cleaning materials depends on the service you have booked. Some service providers may bring their own materials, while others may require you to provide them.

It is recommended that you are present when the service provider arrives to ensure that you are satisfied with the service provided. However, if you are unable to be present, you can make arrangements with the service provider to gain access to the location where the service is to be performed.

Get Where You Need to Go With Ease

Wherever the road takes you, we’ve got you covered with our car rental service!