Buddhist Monk

Guided meditation and teachings from experienced monastics. Discover inner peace and wisdom.

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Meditation Retreat

Intensive silent retreat with daily guided meditation and teachings.

Spiritual Counseling

One-on-one sessions with a monk for personal guidance and support.

Mindfulness Counseling

Group workshops focused on mindfulness practices for daily life.

Tripitakas Translation

Offers a unique opportunity to access the ancient wisdom of Buddhist scriptures in your own language.

Pricing Plan

Different pricing plans starting from:

Meditation Retreat

Join us for a transformative meditation retreat and find inner peace today.

SGD 100/day
  • RM 100 /day
  • INR 500 /day
  • LKR 10,000 /week
  • PHP 1,000 /day
  • IDR 100,000 /day

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Spiritual Counseling

Book a session with our experienced monk and find guidance and support.

SGD 60/session
  • RM 50 /session
  • INR 200 /session
  • LKR 2,000 /session
  • PHP 500 /session
  • IDR 50,000 /session

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Mindfulness Workshops

Experience the power of mindfulness with our expert-led workshops.

SGD 50/session
  • RM 50 /session
  • INR 1,000 /week
  • LKR 5,000 /week
  • PHP 500 /session
  • IDR 100,000 /week

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Tripitakas Translation

Accurately conveyed in a way that is understandable to modern readers.

SGD 1,500/book
  • RM 3,000 /book
  • INR 20,000 /book
  • LKR 75,000 /book
  • PHP 50,000 /book
  • IDR 10,000,000 /book

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

How It Works

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Other Services

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Discover inner peace and overcome your struggles with our personalized Buddhist counseling services.

Our experienced monks take the time to listen to your concerns and provide personalized guidance and support, helping you find inner peace and overcome your struggles.

Experience the healing power of Buddhist practices with traditional healing methods.

Acupuncture and massage therapy, combined with our spiritual retreats, offer a holistic approach to healing and wellness, addressing both physical and spiritual needs.

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Unlock the power of your mind and cultivate mindfulness with our expert-led workshops and meditation retreats.

The workshops and retreats are designed to help you cultivate mindfulness and awareness, leading to a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Why Choose Us

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee our work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every service.

Holistic Approach

Achieve holistic wellness through our approach that addresses physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Personalized Guidance

Benefit from personalized guidance and support from experienced monks who cater to your unique needs.

Authentic Teachings

Immerse yourself in authentic and enriching Buddhist teachings and practices that have been passed down for centuries.

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What They Say

See what our satisfied customers have to say about our laundry services in their own words.

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I've been attending sessions with the monks for a few weeks now and I feel more centered and peaceful than ever. The guidance and teachings are truly transformative.
Jia Wei
Business Analyst
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As a busy professional, I was hesitant to commit to regular sessions, but the monks were flexible and accommodating, making it easy to fit into my schedule.
Marketing Manager
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The monks create a safe and supportive environment for their clients, making it easy to open up and share. Their personalized approach is exactly what I needed.
Yoga Instructor
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I never thought I'd find such a profound sense of inner peace and mindfulness, but the monks helped guide me there.

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