Whether you’re seeking guidance on your love life, career, or personal development, our psychic readings can offer you a glimpse into the future and help you make informed decisions.

Explore The Mysteries of The Universe With Our Spiritual Services

Let us help you navigate life’s journey with our intuitive insights and healing energy.

Fortune Telller

Discover what the future holds with our fortune-telling service. Our gifted psychics will provide you with insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions and live your best life.


Bring harmony and balance into your home or workplace with our Fengshui service. Our experts will help you create an environment that promotes positive energy and success.


Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you with our astrology service. Our skilled astrologers will analyze the positions of the stars and planets to provide you with insights into your personality, relationships, and future.

Paranormal Medium

Connect with loved ones who have passed on and gain insight into the unknown with our paranormal medium service. Our mediums are gifted in communicating with spirits and can provide closure and comfort to those seeking answers.

Elevate Your Consciousness and
Expand Your Horizons With Us

Discover the hidden truths about your life with our readings

Gifted Intuition

Our psychics possess an innate ability to tap into their intuition and connect with the spiritual realm, allowing them to provide accurate and insightful readings to our clients.

Life Coaching

Our psychics go beyond just providing readings, offering clients actionable advice and guidance to help them reach their full potential in all areas of their life.

Positive Energy

Our psychics and healers create a positive and uplifting environment that promotes a sense of calm and well-being.

Spiritual Growth

Our psychic service is dedicated to helping clients achieve spiritual growth and enlightenment, promoting a deeper connection between themselves and the universe.

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Our Psychic Services

Transform your life with our unique blend of psychic and spiritual offerings.

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Fortune Teller

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Paranormal Medium

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Lion Dance

Our Psychic Services Pricing

Price Start From:

Fortune Teller

Get clarity and guidance on your path to success with our fortune-telling service.

SGD 80/hour
  • RM 80 /hour
  • INR 500 /hour
  • LKR 1,000 /hour
  • PHP 500 /hour
  • IDR 50,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.


Discover your true self with the help of our skilled astrologers.

SGD 100/hour
  • RM 100 /hour
  • INR 500 /hour
  • LKR 2,000 /hour
  • PHP 500 /hour
  • IDR 50,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.


Transform your space into a sanctuary of peace and prosperity.

SGD 150/hour
  • RM 150 /hour
  • INR 1,000 /hour
  • LKR 3,000 /hour
  • PHP 1,000 /hour
  • IDR 20,000 /room

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Paranormal Medium

Find closure and comfort with our compassionate paranormal medium service.

SGD 100/hour
  • RM 100 /hour
  • INR 100 /hour
  • LKR 2,000 /hour
  • PHP 500 /hour
  • IDR 50,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Lion Dance

Bring good luck and prosperity to your celebration with our Lion Dance performance.

SGD 500/hour
  • RM 500 /hour
  • INR 500 /hour
  • LKR 2,000 /hour
  • PHP 5,000 /hour
  • IDR 500,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Read Real Reviews From Those
Who Have Experienced The Magic of Our Psychics

Join the thousands of people who have found answers and guidance through our psychic services

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I was blown away by the accuracy of my reading. She was able to connect with my energy and provide me with insight and guidance that truly resonated with me. I left feeling empowered and confident in my decisions. Highly recommend!
pexels antoni shkraba 8192058
I had been struggling with the loss of a loved one, and they were able to provide me with messages that brought me comfort and closure. Her kindness and compassion made me feel at ease, and I left the session feeling more at peace than I had in a long time.
Content Creator
pexels cottonbro studio 6636592 1
I had been feeling lost and uncertain about my future, but after a session, I felt like I had a clear path ahead of me. Her guidance was spot on, and I felt a sense of peace and clarity that I had been missing. Thank you for helping me find my way!
panitan punpuang OuxJHYeUYpk unsplash
I hired Lion Dance service to perform at my wedding, and it was truly a highlight of the night! Their performance was energetic and captivating, and it brought a unique cultural element to the celebration. I highly recommend them for any event!

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