Keep your furry friend looking their best with our professional pet grooming services at HandyWork. From haircuts to nail trims, our experienced groomers will make sure your pet feels and looks their best.

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Fur fresh and clean

A good bath can do wonders for a pet's coat and skin, and can also help remove any unwanted odors.


Keeping your pet's hair trimmed can help prevent matting and tangles, and can also make it easier to maintain their overall hygiene.

Nail Trimming

Overgrown nails can be uncomfortable for pets and can even lead to health problems, so regular trimming is important.

Ear Cleaning

Pets' ears can collect dirt and wax, leading to infections and other problems if left untreated.

Pricing Plan

Different pricing plans starting from:


Splash into freshness and clean as a whistle.

SGD 20/service
  • MYR 30 /service
  • INR 300 /service
  • LKR 500 /service
  • PHP 200 /service
  • IDR 50,000 /service

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.


Hair today, stylish tomorrow.

SGD 50/service
  • MYR 50 /service
  • INR 500 /service
  • LKR 1,000 /service
  • PHP 300 /service
  • IDR 100,000 /service

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Nail Trimming

Happy paws, happy pet.

SGD 10/service
  • MYR 15 /service
  • INR 100 /service
  • LKR 250 /service
  • PHP 100 /service
  • IDR 20,000 /service

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Ear Cleaning

Clear the ear waves

SGD 20/service
  • MYR 30 /service
  • INR 200 /service
  • LKR 500 /service
  • PHP 150 /service
  • IDR 50,000 /service

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

How It Works

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We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences. Choose the service that best fits your budget and requirements.

After you have picked a service, simply sign-up and create an account in just a few clicks. Getting started is easy!

Once you’ve chosen your preferred service, simply place an order and let us take care of the rest. Save valuable time and energy!

Other Services

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At our pet grooming salon, we’re passionate about helping your pet look and feel their best.

With our professional grooming services, your pet will enjoy a customized grooming experience that caters to their unique needs and preferences.

Don’t settle for a “ruff” grooming experience – choose our pet grooming services for a “paw”fectly enjoyable experience for your pet!

Our gentle approach and attention to detail will make your pet feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the grooming process.

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Let our pet grooming experts take care of all your pet’s needs, so you can sit back and relax.

We offer a range of services to keep your pet looking and feeling their best, and our friendly staff will ensure that your pet receives the care and attention they deserve.

Why Choose Us

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee our work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every service.

Experienced and Trained Groomers

Our team of groomers has years of experience and training in the art of pet grooming, ensuring that your furry friend is in good hands.

Love and Care for Animals

Our team of groomers are passionate about animals and take great pride in providing a caring and compassionate grooming experience for every pet that comes through our doors.

Affordable Pricing

We believe that pet grooming should be accessible and affordable for everyone, which is why we offer competitive pricing for our services.

Service Providers
Completed Orders
Happy People

What They Say

See what our satisfied customers have to say about our pet grooming services in their own words.

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I was a little hesitant to try a new grooming salon for my cat, but I'm so glad I did. The staff was patient and gentle with my nervous kitty, and they did an excellent job on her haircut. I'll definitely be back!
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I'm so glad I found this pet grooming service! The staff is so friendly and welcoming, and they always take great care of my furry friends. I love that they offer customized grooming services based on each pet's needs, and their prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend giving them a try!
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My dog can be difficult to groom, but the staff at this salon handled him with ease and professionalism. They were able to trim his nails and give him a bath without any issues, and he came out looking like a brand new dog. I highly recommend their services!
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I recently took my dog to this grooming salon for the first time, and I was blown away by the level of care and attention they provided. The groomer took the time to listen to my concerns and preferences, and my dog looked absolutely fantastic when I picked her up. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Frequently Asked Questions

HandyWork is a mobile-first, web-based application that connects people with on-demand service providers for household services. Users can search for the service they require and browse a list of available service providers. Once they have found a suitable service provider, they can make a booking request directly through the website.

To register on HandyWork, you do not need to create an account until you are at the final stages of making a booking. Simply search for the service you require, select a service provider, and follow the steps to make a booking.

HandyWork takes service quality seriously. We have integrated a system of information listing of businesses by Service Partners and social verification and ratings to ensure that our service providers are reliable and trustworthy.

Once you have made a booking request, the service provider will be notified and will contact you to confirm the details of the service. On the day of the service, the service provider will arrive at the location you specified and complete the job to your satisfaction.

The requirement for cleaning materials depends on the service you have booked. Some service providers may bring their own materials, while others may require you to provide them.

It is recommended that you are present when the service provider arrives to ensure that you are satisfied with the service provided. However, if you are unable to be present, you can make arrangements with the service provider to gain access to the location where the service is to be performed.

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