We connect our clients with kind and compassionate individuals who are passionate about providing companionship and support.

Connecting You With
The Perfect Companion For Your Needs.

Don’t let loneliness get you down – our companionship services are here for you.

Rent a Friend

Our service connects you with friendly and interesting people who are available for hire. Whether you're looking for someone to join you on a night out or just want a companion for a stroll in the park, we've got you covered.

Rent a Date

Our service offers attractive and personable individuals who are available for hire to accompany you to events or outings. Whether it's a formal dinner or a night on the town, our dates are sure to impress. With Rent a Date, you'll be the envy of everyone at the event!

Let Us Be Your Companion On Life's journey.

Experience the warmth and comfort of human connection with our companionship services.


Our companionship service providers are not only trained to listen, but they also possess the ability to understand and share your feelings. They will empathize with you and be there for you when you need someone to talk to.


At our companionship service, we believe in providing compassionate care to all of our clients. Our companions will go above and beyond to ensure that you feel supported and cared for, no matter what you're going through.


We understand that every client has different needs and preferences, which is why we offer adaptable companionship services. Our companions will work with you to create a personalized plan that suits your specific requirements.


You can count on our companions to be there when you need them. We understand that reliability is crucial when it comes to companionship services, which is why we take it very seriously.

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Our Companionship Services

Never feel alone again with our companionship services.

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Rent a Friend

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Rent a Date

Our Companionship Services Pricing

Price start from:

Rent a Friend

Experience new adventures with Rent a Friend by your side.

SGD 20/hour
  • RM 20 /hour
  • INR 200 /hour
  • LKR 500 /hour
  • PHP 200 /hour
  • IDR 50,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Rent a Date

Impress everyone with Rent a Date on your arm.

SGD 50/hour
  • RM 50 /hour
  • INR 500 /hour
  • LKR 1,000 /hour
  • PHP 500 /hour
  • IDR 100,000 /hour

*Note: The rates provided above are estimates and our partners may have their own rates for their services.

Discover The Power of Companionship

Our companionship services provide the warmth and support you need.

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I was feeling lonely and isolated after moving to a new city, but thanks to the companionship service, I now have someone to talk to and spend time with. The companions are friendly, understanding and really make an effort to connect with you on a personal level.
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The companionship service has been a lifesaver for me. After losing my spouse, I was struggling to cope with the loneliness. But with the help of my companion, I feel like I have someone to talk to and share my life with. I couldn't be happier with the service.
Art Student
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I had never used a companionship service before, but I'm so glad I did. My companion has become a true friend and has been there for me through thick and thin. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for genuine companionship and support.
College Student
ilyuza mingazova nouRUMB6lEc unsplash
The companionship service is amazing! The companions are all so friendly and welcoming, and I've met some great people through this service. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to connect with others and make new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

HandyWork is a mobile-first, web-based application that connects people with on-demand service providers for household services. Users can search for the service they require and browse a list of available service providers. Once they have found a suitable service provider, they can make a booking request directly through the website.

To register on HandyWork, you do not need to create an account until you are at the final stages of making a booking. Simply search for the service you require, select a service provider, and follow the steps to make a booking.

HandyWork takes service quality seriously. We have integrated a system of information listing of businesses by Service Partners and social verification and ratings to ensure that our service providers are reliable and trustworthy.

Once you have made a booking request, the service provider will be notified and will contact you to confirm the details of the service. On the day of the service, the service provider will arrive at the location you specified and complete the job to your satisfaction.

The requirement for cleaning materials depends on the service you have booked. Some service providers may bring their own materials, while others may require you to provide them.

It is recommended that you are present when the service provider arrives to ensure that you are satisfied with the service provided. However, if you are unable to be present, you can make arrangements with the service provider to gain access to the location where the service is to be performed.

Want to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Friends and Colleagues?

Our service offers attractive and personable individuals who are available for hire to accompany you to events or outings.