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Ensuring Compliance with Home Laws and Regulations
Ensuring Compliance with Home Laws and Regulations

Language : English
Pages : 24


Home laws and regulations are there to protect you from any kind of danger or problems that might occur on your new house. So it's very important for you to know what the rules and regulations are before moving in.

There are also permits that you need to obtain before beginning home improvement projects. These permits can be acquired from your local government or the local construction department of your area.

As we have come to the last series, we have discuss everything, from tips on finding the perfect home, guide for first-time landlords, designing you home, to the laws and regulations to protect your home. We hope that this e-book series could help you to nd and build your own dream home for you and your family.

Upgrades Time Home Improvement and Maintenance
Upgrades Time! Home Improvement and Maintenance

Language : English
Pages : 28


Home improvement is a process of building or renovating one's home. Whether you are looking to make your house look more presentable, build a new addition or just clean up the attic, there are many options for home improvement.

Meanwhile, home maintenance is the process of maintaining the well-being of a home. It includes things like cleaning, repairing, or replacing broken parts of a home. Both processes are important to manage the safety of your home.

There are several options to these processes. You can do it on your own, or hiring a contractor to do the work for you. On the next series, we will discuss everything you need to know when hiring a contractor.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Healthy Utility Maintenance
Keeping Your Home Safe and Healthy Utility Maintenance

Language : English
Pages : 21


Utility maintenance is an important aspect for every homeowner. Without the proper maintenance, your home will eventually fail. The basic utility maintenance including electricity, water, gas system, and telecommunications. Maintaining your utility systems is important to keep your home safe. Another way to protect your home from any damage and threats is by installing home security system, which we will discuss on the next series.

Living and Eco Friendly Lifestyle Organic Home Design Furnitures and Household Products
Living and Eco Friendly Lifestyle Organic Home Design, Furnitures, and Household Products

Language : English
Pages : 34


The awareness on sustainable living has gained so much popularity in the last few years that it's impossible to avoid. Many people want to make sure that most of the parts of their home, including the interior, are natural and renewable, by choosing Organic Home Design as well as starting to substitute cleaning products and gardening tools with those made of organic and eco-friendly materials.

However, home design is not the only important thing if you just move into a new home. It is also important to deal with your utilities and know how to maintain them, which we will discuss further on the next series.

Be Your Own Contractor Improve Your Home With DIY Projects
Be Your Own Contractor Improve Your Home With DIY Projects

Language : English
Pages : 31


Doing DIY project yourself can save you a lot of money and help you learn new skills. However, you have to be mindful that not everything could be done by yourself. Several works such as electrical works should not be done by someone who is not experienced.

Doing DIY is also a great way to start sustainable living. But what is sustainable living? Is there any other way to start it? We will discuss further about sustainable living and organic home design on the next series.

Chase Your Dream Home a Guide to Move Into Your New Home
Chase Your Dream (Home) a Guide to Move Into Your New Home

Language : English
Pages : 33


If you want to move in to a new home, it is important to make sure that you have done your research and selected the right home. Your home is going to be your biggest investment, so it is crucial that you choose a home that is going to provide you with all the benets and features that you are looking for. By investment, it means you can buy a property and rent it out to other people. But how do you start renting out your property? We will discuss everything that rst time landlords need to know on the next series.

Protect Your Home and Property Security Systems Against Break Ins Disaster And Fire
Protect Your Home and Property Security Systems Against Break-Ins, Disaster, And Fire

Language : English
Pages : 32


As home is the place where you spend most of your time, be it on your own, with family members, or with friends, it is important to keep your home safe and sound from any threats. There are many things that could jeopardize the safety of your home, some of them are theft, natural disasters, and fire.

As we have learned about the tips on how to protect our home against those threats, it is also important to comply to the laws and regulations that could help us live comfortably. On the next series, we will be discussing the home laws and regulations; from contruction laws to security system regulations.

Renters Guide Tips and Know Hows for Tenants
Renter’s Guide Tips and Know-Hows for Tenants

Language : English
Pages : 23


Renting is becoming more popular for people who want to buy their own home but can't afford to buy one or who can't get finance for a home purchase due to financial problems or problems with credit ratings. Because the rental market is very competitive, you need to know the know-hows in finding the most suitable property as well as to live amicably with your fellow tenants and landlord. Now that you have settled in, what to do with your home maintenance? We will discuss more about home improvement and home maintenance on the next series.

Renting Out Your Property A Complete Landlords Guide
Renting Out Your Property A Complete Landlord’s Guide

Language : English
Pages : 25


One of several ways to invest on a house is by renting it out. It is important for landlords to know how to manage their rental property so that they can increase their income from their properties. This means that they can make more money in the long run as well as protect themselves from losing money on bad tenants or potential tenants who might damage their property. But, how about tenants? Are they also responsible in taking care of the rental property? How to build a friendly landlord-tenant relationship? In the next series, we will discuss about everything you need to know as tenants.

Seek the Right Help Finding a Reliable Home Contractor
Seek the Right Help Finding a Reliable Home Contractor

Language : English
Pages : 28


When you are a property owner, you need to maintain your house and maintain the appearance of the house. From time to time, you need to change the materials of the house. The contractor will do the work for you. There are a lot of home improvement contractors in the market who can help you do this job. However, hiring a home contractor is only one of several ways that you can do to maintain your house. You can also do home improvement and maintenance projects on your own, which we will be discussing further on the next series.

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