How much do roses cost in SEA countries?

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Singapore is famous for its flower industry. In Singapore, a dozen roses is sold for SGD $15 (USD $11.50) or even higher depending on the season and the quality of rose that you are looking for.

For instance, if you are looking for a high-end dozen roses, then you will have to spend around SGD $70 to SGD $100 (USD $56 to USD $80). For the most affordable flowers in Singapore, you can get a dozen roses for as low as SGD $15 (USD $11.50).

Philippines: 10 Pesos per flower (approx. 0.20 USD) – 50 Pesos per dozen flowers (approx. 1 USD)

Malaysia: 1 Ringgit per flower (approx 0.25 USD) – 5 Ringgits per dozen flowers (approx 1 USD)

Indonesia: Rp 10 000 per flower (approx 0.20 USD) – Rp 50 000 per dozen flowers (approx 1 USD)


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