How to describe the issue to your Handyman

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How to describe an issue for the handyman?

If you are going to hire a handyman, you will need to decide what kind of work you want to be done. The handyman will need to know exactly what you want, so it’s helpful to take pictures or draw a picture.

For example, if you want a loose handle on your cabinet fixed, just telling the handyman that will be enough. You can take a picture of the loose handle and send it to the handyman.

If you have a problem with the faucet in the kitchen, you may want to write a short note. For example:

Kitchen faucet. When I turn the cold water on, hot water comes out of the faucet. The hot water still works properly.” If you want to fix your porch, for example, you can draw a crude image on a piece of paper.

Porch. I want to fix the broken step.” Or, if you want to fix a problem with the toilet, for example, you can draw a picture of the toilet bowl.

Toilet. The toilet doesn’t flush properly. It stops flushing at about mid-level.”

If you want to paint the wall, you should write down what type of paint you want to use and how you want the wall painted.

Wall. I want to paint the wall with white paint.” You can also take a picture of the wall and send it to the handyman. If you want to change the furniture layout in your living room, you can draw a sketch of the layout.

Living room. I want to change the layout of the furniture. I want to put the sofa on the other side of the room and move the dining table to the side.

In case you own an old house and you want to get the house inspected, you should write down all the problems you have noticed and send the list to the handyman.

House. I want to get the house inspected. In order to write a good request, you should be as specific as possible. If you write too little information, the handyman will probably call you to clarify the request.


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