How to Get Rid of Bad Odour in the Car

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Bad odour in car is one of the reasons why people don’t want to use their cars. They are afraid to sit inside the car for a long time because they think they will suffocate inside the car. In fact, the bad odour in the car can be easily removed or get rid of. It only takes a little bit of effort and time to get rid of it.

Bad odour in car can be caused by many things including pet hair, air freshener, food etc. The procedure is very simple. You just have to find one thing that causes the bad odour and clean it up.

How to Remove Bad Odour From Car

1. Remove Old Carpet or Fabric Seat Covers

Remove old carpet or fabric seat covers is one of the ways to remove bad odours in your car from pet hair, food, spilled drinks etc. When you remove old carpet or fabric seat covers, you can wash them with water and soap and put them out to dry before putting them back into your car interior. This way you won’t have any bad odours inside your car after sitting in there for a long time again.

2. Clean Your Air Circulation System

Another way to get rid of bad odor inside your car is by cleaning your air circulation system like air filters, blowout filter etc. There are two reasons why you should clean your air circulation system – one is because the air circulation system absorbs some smells from outside as well as inside of cars so cleaning it up will help get rid of those smells;

another reason is because an unclean air circulation system makes your car smell like garbage so it’s important for you to clean it up once every few months at least (depending on how often do you use your car).

To clean your air circulation system, all you need do is take off all dusts from the vents with a vacuum cleaner then spray water into them and blow out all dusts with an aerosol can (you can use compressed air from outside too).

Use a paper towel or cloths to wipe off dirt off every part carefully then put everything back into place before starting engine again. This way will help keep your car ventilated and help reduce the number of smells in there too.

3. Clean Your Car Dust

You can also remove odor from your car by cleaning your car dust. One of the reasons why people think that there are bad odours inside their cars is because their cars have a lot of dusts on the inside and because dusts absorb smells, they make your car smell bad and you can’t stand it for a long time.

To clean your car dust, you can take off all dusts from the floor, ceiling and around the seats with a vacuum cleaner or a broom and brush then wipe everything clean with cloth or paper towels. Use a wet dry vac to suck up all dirt from deep down if there are any. If you have an air filter in your car, go to the next step now.

How to Get Rid of Bad Odour in the Car

4. Clean Your Air Filter

After cleaning all the dust in your car, you should clean your air filter too because most of the bad odours are absorbed by air filters so if they are not clean, they will make your car smell bad too especially when you drive for a long time in hot weather or when it’s snowing outside.

Because air filters get dirty very easily when you drive with windows open so they need to be cleaned regularly to keep them clean at all times (if not then they will cause bad odour inside cars).

To clean them up, just take out the old one and put in a new one into its place then put back into its original place again after cleaning. Make sure not to touch any electric part when you do this.

When you have finished cleaning both sides of air filters, just check it by blowing through them with an aerosol can – if there is no more dirt coming out then it means that your air filters are now good as new again.

If yes then put everything back into its original place once again and turn on engine so that fresh air flows into your car once again (you can also open windows some inches for about 10 mins if possible).

This way will help keep stale smells out of your vehicle which will make driving more comfortable as well as save money too on long drives.

5. Use Air Fresheners, Ozone Machines, or Odour Neutralisers to Remove Bad Odours

If you don’t want to clean up your car completely because it’s too time consuming and expensive, you can use air fresheners, ozone machines or smell neutraliser to mask bad odours inside your car instead.

These products are very effective in removing bad odours from cars. They come in many different shapes and sizes and they are also designed for different purposes so make sure you choose them according to your situation.

For example, if you want to get rid of bad odours inside your car immediately then choose a spray air freshener which is made of fragrant chemicals that will quickly neutralise odour inside your car. I

f you want something more long lasting, choose an ozone machine – it will continuously release ozone into the air for a long time so that all the bad smells will be removed completely within a day or two (but it might be a little bit more expensive than other products).

If you just want something cheap and easy to do then choose an odor neutralizer – all you need do is put it inside your car and leave it there for a few days so that the smell will be gone eventually.

This way is very simple but sometimes cheap things are not as effective as high-priced ones but this method is very effective especially if you just want to remove bad odours quickly without spending much money at all!

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