What are French Doors?

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French door
French door

French doors are style of door that consists of two hinged door panels that open in opposite directions and often overlap. The typical French door consists of your standard double-door inset with a smaller glass insert, though you can also find French doors that are used entirely for decoration or as a larger window.

French doors can be used on either the exterior or interior of your home, and are often used on porches, patios, and other areas where you want to maximize natural light. French doors are also very popular in the bedroom or bathroom for the same reason: to create a larger window opening.

When not in use, French doors can be closed by keeping one panel open while the other is shut; this saves space and makes them easier to move around when they’re being installed (you just have to slide them into place).

They also allow for more light than normal doors do because both panels open inward. This means you don’t have to worry about anyone accidentally walking into a hinged door (and getting hurt) if they don’t see it; they’ll just walk through the opening created by the two panels when they walk towards it.


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