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4 Types of Locksmith

First published: 9 July 2021 @ 6:00 pm

Many people need a locksmith regularly and for a variety of reasons. Some need a locksmith to get their locks changed, some need them to repair their lock or door, and some need them to get new keys made.

There are many different types of locksmiths out there, and each one does a different job. Each type of locksmith is useful in a different situation, and it is important to know what type of locksmith you need when you need one.

A locksmith trying to pick a lock of a door.
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What is A Locksmith?

A professional locksmith is a person who specializes in the field of locks and keys. They have the ability to make, install, repair, and remove any lock or key that you may have.

This includes car keys, home keys, business keys, or any other type of key or lock that you may need. They are also able to change the security codes on your locks if needed.

Locksmiths have many different specialties, but they all have one thing in common: they can open your lock for you. Locksmiths usually work for a company and can travel anywhere to help you with your lock problem.

They have many different tools and gadgets that they use to open different types of locks.

Tools used by locksmiths include a master key, an electric drill, a screwdriver, an extension bar (a long metal rod used to push the pins in the lock), and specialized wrenches and hammers to manipulate the pins lock.

The Different Types of Locksmiths

There are many different types of locksmiths out there for you to choose from, depends on what type of locksmith you need. However, here are some of the most common types:

Automotive Locksmith

If you need a new set of car keys made or your car needs to be unlocked due to an emergency (or locked in a parking lot), you will need an automotive locksmith.

An automotive locksmith can also make new ignition keys for your car if yours is lost or broken and needs to be replaced immediately.

Many automotive locksmiths also sell cars with extra features such as transponder chips or alarm systems built into them. These are not required by law, but many people find them to be very useful.

Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith can be called in to help you if you need a new set of keys made for your home or if you have locked yourself out of your house. They can also help you change the locks on your doors if needed.

Residential locksmiths are often called when people move into new homes or apartment buildings and need all of their locks changed to all match. They can also install security system installation on doors and windows that are not already high security.

Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith is called when businesses need a new set of keys made or need to get into their building after hours or during an emergency.

Commercial locksmiths often have access to special equipment needed for commercial buildings such as banks and stores. These types of locksmiths are also able to install safes and other types of locking devices within businesses.

Businesses sometimes hire commercial locksmiths with their keys stolen or broken locks because they will have all the tools necessary for key duplication on site.

Emergency Locksmith

An emergency locksmith is called in when you have locked yourself out of your car, house, or business. They can also be called in if you have been locked out of your home and do not have a spare key.

These types of locksmiths are often called in during an emergency, such as when you have locked yourself out of your car or house and need to get inside quickly.

Locksmith Education

Tools of a Locksmith
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There are many different locksmiths, but they all need to have the same education to become locksmiths.

Many people who become locksmiths are experienced with computers and other electronics because many of the locks they will work on will be electronic.

If you want to become an experienced locksmith, you will also need to learn how to drive large vehicles such as trucks and vans because they will need them to move their equipment around.

Locksmiths must read blueprints and technical diagrams to know how everything works together, which is important for repairing something that is broken or installing something new that is needed.

Many people who want to become a locksmith will already know how to pick a lock because this is something that they can learn from someone else (or on their own).

To enter the locksmith industry, locksmiths are often required to have an up-to-date license. To get a locksmith license, the person must be trained and educated in locks and keys.

They must also prove that they have the necessary experience and knowledge to become locksmiths and join the locksmith business.

Some people who want to become a locksmith will also need to have experience with computers and electronics because many of the locks they will work on will be electronic.

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