5 Basic Gardening tips for beginners

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5 basic gardening tips for beginners

1. Use a sharp spade or shovel when digging

This helps to cut through any roots or roots securely, preventing any roots and lawn grasses to be uprooted from your fresh soil work.

2. Don’t overwater your newly planted garden beds

Plants need to have their soil dry out between watering, this will help prevent any root rot and can help to keep the roots from rotting and also helps to prevent any fungal diseases from being over watered. Make sure to water your plants at a slow but steady pace.

3. Water when the sun’s out

The best time for watering your newly planted garden beds is early in the morning or in the evening when the sun has gone down, avoiding day time watering as much as possible.

If you do have to water in the day time make sure you use a fine mist sprayer or watering can so that you don’t get too much water onto the plants leaves which could cause disease and also dampen down your newly planted garden bed area.

This will also prevent your seedlings from having any fungal diseases which could be caught if they are left sitting in standing water for too long after being watered.

4. Use Good Quality Compost

When planting out into larger pots or containers it’s always best if you add some good quality compost or potting mix into the bottom of each pot before planting out, this will help give both root and leaf growth a good boost off to get started on its way before it starts to quickly fill up those new larger pots.

5. Make Sure the Soil is Damp

When planting out your larger plants into their final location make sure that you water well with a watering can or hose to make sure the soil is damp before planting, once planted the watering can is best left off, and give the newly planted plant some space to breath for a couple of days before giving it a good water again if it needs it.

Once you have followed these 5 basic gardening tips for beginners you will be on your way to becoming a great gardener and this will also help you not to get any diseases or problems with overwatering or keeping your plants in tip-top condition.


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