5 Carpentry Must-Haves For Every Contemporary Home

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Contemporary home styles are a lot more versatile than one might think. They can be comfortable and elegant, cozy and rustic, modern and classic, industrial and rustic, and much more.

But no matter the style of the home, there’s one thing that is found in every contemporary home: wood. Wood is the most common material used for cabinets, trim, floors, and cabinets.

I’ve been in plenty of contemporary homes where the flooring is completely wood or the cabinets. The walls are completely wood. If you’re designing a contemporary home, there are a few carpentries that you should have.

1. Coffee table

Usually, the coffee table is the largest piece of wood in a home. It’s what greets you when you walk into the living room, and it sets the tone for the rest of the room. You have to be careful about what you choose, though.

A lot of contemporary coffee tables are pretty geometric, and that might not fit your style. Still, it’s a good idea to choose a coffee table that matches the style of your home.

2. Open wall shelving

Wall shelving is a great way to display your books, trinkets, or other items. It also creates an interesting focal point for a room.

Many times, the shelving will be the first thing you notice in a room. You can even use it to display your television, like this model.

3. Cabinets

Contemporary cabinets are probably my favorite part of contemporary homes. They’re usually made of wood, and they can be very geometric.

I really like the ones that have glass doors to display the items inside. They’re great for storing dishes, books, or collectibles.

4. Trim

Trim is probably the most common carpentry in contemporary homes. It’s used in many places, including the stairs, the walls, cabinets, and even the floors.

When you’re designing a contemporary home, you have to think about the trim. It has to fit the style of the house perfectly.

5. Wood floors

If you choose to have wood floors in your home, make sure that you choose something that matches the trim. It’s an excellent idea to choose the same type of wood. If you do that, the trim and the floor will flow together.


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