5 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

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Here are few quick things you can do to turn your home into your own personal winter wonderland.

1. Add some garland

Add some garland to your front door, or on your fireplace. You can use it to add a pop of color and break up the white of the snow. If you have a wreath already on your door, add a few strands of garland around it for an added pop of color.

2. Add lights to your Christmas tree

Add lights to your Christmas tree. If you don’t have a Christmas tree, go ahead and put some lights on your mantle or even on your staircase. It’s the little things that count.

3. Add some color to your mantel

Add some color to your mantel. Get out those vases you bought for the summer and fill them with fake flowers or berries. This will give it that holiday feel and take away from the lack of snow outside.

4. Go big with Christmas trees!

Go big with Christmas trees! Put up two, three, four Christmas trees if you can! If you have the space, do it! I have a tiny apartment and I put up two little trees in my living room this year because it was the only way I could make it feel like Christmas in here! And they were really cute too.

They were both small, but I had them stacked on top of each other and they were cute little accents to my mantel and my coffee table. Plus they were small enough that I could still use my fireplace at night when I wanted to!

This would be perfect for a college student who doesn’t have a lot of space but wants to decorate their dorm room. Or if you have a big family and want to do a theme, this would be perfect!

5. Make your room cozy!

Make your room cozy! Get out your sweaters and fuzzy socks and wear them. If you have space, get out that crock pot or slow cooker and make some soup or chili to keep you warm. And turn on some Christmas music while you’re at it!


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