7 Steps to a Tidy Living Room

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What are the 7 Steps to a Tidy Living Room

Here are the steps to a tidy living room.

1. Go through the room and pick up everything that doesn’t belong in the room. Everything. Even if it’s just a piece of paper or a crumb, pick it up.

2. Put everything you picked up into one pile.

3. Get out a big garbage bag and put all the stuff in the bag, tie it shut and throw it away.

4. Go through the room again and get rid of anything that is broken, torn or worn out.

5. Now put anything you are keeping back into its place, on shelves or in drawers etc., according to how you want your living room to look and feel.

6. Make sure all items are facing forward on their shelves so they are easy to see and find when you need them.

7. Sit down in your comfy chair with a good book or magazine and enjoy your tidy living room!

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