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Industrial Interior Design is a design discipline that merges the aesthetics of industrial manufacturing with the creative needs of a project. The design team works with architects, engineers, and interior designers to produce functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Industrial Interior Design
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Industrial Interior Design is similar to industrial design in that it focuses on material selection, functionality, and ergonomics. However, Industrial Interior

The design does not necessarily need to be based on new products or concepts. Instead, it focuses on the aesthetics of manufactured goods and their functionality in space.

The Industrial Interior Design is particularly well suited to residential and commercial projects that use recycled materials. It can also be a cost-effective solution for space because of the low labor costs and ease of recycling and repurposing existing materials.

How it Differs from Industrial Design

An industrial design is the design of products, such as consumer goods, appliances, or cars. Industrial interior design involves designing spaces with industrial manufacturing materials.

Industrial interior designers may have a background in industrial design, or experiences may train them in interior design, emphasizing the aesthetics of industrial manufacturing.

There are many similarities between industrial interior design and industrial design, but there are also some crucial differences.

How It Differs from Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design
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A commercial interior designer works primarily with furniture, finishes, colors, lighting, textiles, and other products used in commercial spaces.

Commercial interiors are based on industry standards for office furniture layouts and public spaces like lobbies or waiting rooms. Unfortunately, people often see these spaces as blank canvases for the designer to work with.

Industrial interior designers work on these types of projects. Still, they must also consider how their designs fit into a larger framework that includes engineering requirements, manufacturing methods, and time frames.

How It Differs from Residential Interior Design

A residential interior designer works with homeowners to create a space that reflects their style and tastes. Residential interiors are based on comfort, function, and the homeowner’s desires.

Industrial interior designers also work with homeowners, but their designs must also fit into the needs of an industrial space like manufacturing or warehousing.

Industrial interior designers often use existing furnishings or furniture pieces in a new way, or they will create custom furniture for a project. The goal is to make a space functional while maintaining the aesthetics of industrial manufacturing materials.

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