Best Tiles for Bathroom Walls

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Bathroom tile is one of the popular wall design elements to consider. Tiles are often used in bathrooms of luxury houses and hotels. They look beautiful and also add value to the bathroom. Tiles are not only stylish but also offer high quality as well.

We have listed these types of bathroom tiles here in this article along with the benefits that they offer to the user.

Modern and simple bathroom tile design.

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The Best Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Tiles are made from different materials. Tiles have different patterns, designs, and shapes. The most common type of tile is made from ceramic, glass, porcelain, limestone, slate, mosaic, and granite.

There are many types of these tiles available on the market. You can choose a tile that suits your need best by reading its features and pros.

1) Ceramic Tiles

The most common type of tile is made from ceramic. Ceramic tile is mainly used in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens as it does not get damaged easily due to water or other substances like soap or lotion which are commonly used in these areas.

It also makes it easy to clean this type of tile as well as gives a shiny look as well which makes it look attractive.

2) Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are amongst the very popular choices in homes and also other wide range of rooms. They give a unique look to the bathroom as well as it is easy to clean. This type of tile is easy to install as well as it can be customized with different patterns and designs.

3) Porcelain Tiles

The kind of porcelain tiles that are made for wall tiles is much denser and less porous than ceramic tiles.

They are highly liquid-resistant, so they are ideal for use in bathrooms, basements, and other damp areas. Porcelain tile is hard to break, and it’s very tough that it is also difficult to scratch and chip.

Because porcelain tiles are very durable, they are easy to maintain. When you wash your tiles regularly and clean up the grout lines in between, your tiles will remain in good shape for years.

When those larger tiles become cracked or damaged, they will still look good because they have a uniform color all the way through them. 

4) Slate Tiles

A slate tile floor is incredibly durable. The stone is made from metamorphic rock. It formed long ago and because of the intense heat and pressure on the earth. One of the results is a flooring material that is extremely hard. As a result, it is resistant to scratches, scrapes, and dentures.

Slate is a very water-resistant material, so it is suitable for use in rooms where there are high levels of moisture and high chances of liquid contacts, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. You can even use slate tiles to tile your shower.

5) Granite Tiles

The stone allows you to be creative and put it in a variety of places around your home. Granite tiles are very cheap, so if you are on a tight budget, granite tiles are definitely a good option for you to consider.

Granite tiles are extremely water-resistant, so that any spills that occur will not be soaked up, and will not cause damage to your modern bathroom’s tiles. 

So, there is not always a wide variety of colors and patterns that you can get for granite tiles. That means that you may have difficulty finding the perfect look and style for your shower tile.

Marble bathroom tile.

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6) Limestone Tiles

All tiles made from limestone have beautiful natural stone textures because the minerals in them have settled on the earth over many years. 

When compared to other rocks like marble, limestone has medium durability. We would suggest that while it’s not as hard as some other stones, it’s still very affordable for flooring and even for exterior tiles. It is much stronger than wood, porcelain, and vinyl.

Another reason why custom limestone tiles are so popular is that customers can choose what they want to have, and they do not have to compromise on the design because they have chosen the material that they will use.

The biggest drawbacks of limestone are that they will need to be maintained as time goes by if you want to preserve their natural beauty. It is porous, and so it is necessary to seal it well in order to prevent stains.

7) Mosaic Tiles

Those who use mosaic tiles are well-known for the incredible variety and visual appeal of mosaics. These decorative tiles are made by gluing small pieces of tile together on a sheet.

Mosaics can be made from many different materials. They can be made from glass, metal, stones, pebbles, porcelain, and more.

In general, mosaic tile is very affordable. It is certainly cheaper than marble, and if done right, it can also be equally stylish and opulent. They also have good longevity, which adds to their value for money proposition.

Since they are offered in small format tiles, that makes them fragile and susceptible to breakage and cracking. Sharp objects are also capable of scratching them.

Even though gloss tiles might be something you prefer, mosaic tiles’ transparency has certain disadvantages. It means that adhesive solutions may be seen through some of them (especially if it is glass tiles and shards). You might also see water marks more often on them.

The bottom line is that mosaic tiles are great for small spaces and rooms. You can put interesting things in awkward spaces, and you can make your rooms look bigger by using clever lighting. When they are in a space, even the smallest and dingiest spaces can look fantastic.


Tiles are a very popular bathroom wall designs. Different tile shapes and styles are often used in luxury hotels and bathroom spaces. They look beautiful and also add value to the bathroom. Bathroom tile is not only stylish but also offers high quality.

We have listed bathroom tile ideas here in this article along with the benefits that they offer to the user. If you want to learn more tips about bathroom design and natural stone tiles, you can visit HandyWork!


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