Creating a Focal Point in the Room

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Focal points are places where your eye is naturally drawn to. You can use them to bring the eye into the room and focus it on an area you want to highlight.

For example, a focal point might be a beautiful piece of furniture or a particularly stunning view out of the window.

  1. Find an area in your room that you want to make the focal point.

2. Work out how much space you have available for furniture in this area. Use this space as your frame and work within it, positioning all the other pieces of furniture around it, rather than trying to squeeze them into a small space.

3. Choose one or two pieces of furniture that will act as the focal point and group them together in this space so they stand out from everything else in the room.

You could have more than one focal point, for example if you have several pieces of art or several pieces of sculpture, but just make sure that they are not too close together so that they detract from each other rather than complimenting each other.

4. Consider adding another piece of furniture or feature, such as a rug or painting, that will draw attention away from the focal point(s) and into the rest of the room. This is the purpose of the rest of the furniture in the room.

5. If you have chosen a view out of a window as your focal point, consider how you can use other items in the room to create depth and make this area feel more like a part of the room and less like an outside space.

6. Once you have positioned all your furniture, stand back and take a look at your design from a distance. This will help you see whether your design works well together or whether you need to adjust any elements to create a better flow.

If you have created a focal point, but don’t like the way it looks, it is much easier to change this than to move the rest of the furniture around. It is much easier to make adjustments to one piece of furniture than an entire room.

A small, simple focal point such as a vase of flowers or an artwork can make a big impact in a room. You can also use larger pieces of furniture as focal points.


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