Do you actually need a smoke detector at home?

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Smoke detector
Smoke detector

Why do you need a smoke detector at home in Singapore?

The best and most efficient way to stay protected is to install a smoke detector, and make sure you have a spare. A smoke detector will sound an alarm before you are exposed to toxic smoke and fumes, giving you and your family time to escape.

What is the best smoke detector type?

There are two main types of smoke detector: photoelectric and ionisation. Photoelectric smoke detectors use a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke whereas ionisation smoke detectors use an ionisation sensor. If you are looking for the best smoke detector for your home, choose a photoelectric smoke detector. Photoelectric smoke detectors are the most sensitive, and will detect smoke sooner.

What are the Singapore fire department recommendations for smoke detectors?

According to the Singapore Fire Department, you should have at least one smoke detector on every floor of your home. You should also have a smoke detector inside your kitchen, and a carbon monoxide detector in your kitchen or near your kitchen. For more information, you can visit the Singapore Fire Department website.

What can you do if you don’t have a smoke detector in your home?

If you are not sure if you have a smoke detector at home, here are some steps to take: Check your home. Look for the smoke detector, and check that it is in working condition. Make sure the batteries are installed. Check that the battery is not expired. If there is not a smoke detector, install one. If you are not sure where to buy one, check out the nearest hardware store.

Do you have a smoke detector at home? What type is it?


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