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Fengshui: Are you committing these yourself?

First published: 14 January 2021 @ 4:43 pm

You shouldn’t have an electric fan in your room if you’re sick with fever or recovering from an illness

This superstition stems from the idea that having an electric fan running will cool down the air too quickly and cause chills for someone who’s ill.

So if you don’t want chills when recovering from being sick, it’s better just not to use one at all!

Though this may sound like common sense, there are many cultures around the world that believe this superstition so be careful!

You shouldn’t use your phone during an earthquake

This may sound like a common sense safety tip, but it’s actually a superstition that comes from Japan. The reason why you shouldn’t use your phone during an earthquake is because it could be a sign of disrespect.

In Japan, using the phone when an earthquake strikes shows disrespect to the victims and their families who have lost their lives.

After all, if you’re using your phone instead of helping those in need, then you’re basically saying that you’re more concerned with yourself than others!

You shouldn’t take a bath while it’s raining

This is another superstition that’s present in many different cultures around the world. It stems from the idea that taking a bath while it’s raining will cause your skin to become wrinkly and look old (as opposed to smooth and flawless).

The best thing to do during this time is just to stay dry! It’s also believed that taking a bath after it rains will cause someone in your family to die within one year.

So if someone does happen to die within one year after you’ve taken a bath after it rains, don’t forget to say “I’m sorry” for what happened!

It’s bad luck to paint your nails on a rainy day

This superstition comes from the idea that painting your nails during a rainy day will cause them to peel off. If this does happen after you’ve painted them, don’t worry!

Just throw the nail polish away because it’s old anyways (even if you just bought it last week). You can also save it for later and use it for another time when the weather is better!

You shouldn’t visit a cemetery while pregnant or soon after giving birth

This superstition originates from ancient Egypt. In Egypt, pregnant women were buried along with their husband in order to give birth together in the afterlife.

It was believed that if she visited her husband before giving birth and saw him lying dead, she would die from shock. So if you’re pregnant or have recently given birth, stay away from cemeteries so that nothing bad happens!

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