Here Are the Top 10 Feng Shui Front Door Colors

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The home is the heart of the family. The front door is the main entrance to the house. It is the first thing that people see when they enter the house. 

Therefore, it’s important to choose a color that will draw attention and inspire confidence in your guests and family members. Here are some Feng Shui colors for your front door:

10 Best Feng Shui Colors for Front Door

1. Gold

Gold represents luck, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It also symbolizes friendship, love, and health in Chinese culture. 

This color makes a good choice for a Feng Shui front door because it will attract luck and bring wealth into your life. 

You can also place a gold coin on your front door to improve financial luck or health luck (as long as you do not use too much gold). 

We can also use gold as a Feng Shui cure for bad luck or health problems if you feel these things are affecting your life negatively. 

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2. Green

Green is a color that represents hope, fertility, and health. We consider it to be the best color for a Feng Shui front door because it will attract good luck and make your home a happy place to live in. 

It’s also said that green plants can help with sickness, so plant some around your front door if you suffer from these problems often.

You can position some plants near your front door and wall as well if you want to increase good luck or create more positive energy.

White front door.
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3. White

White is a color that represents peace, serenity, and cleanliness. It will help you live in a peaceful environment.

It’s also said that white furniture can help with communication problems. If you have trouble connecting with people, decorate your front door with white furniture.

4. Blue

Like green, blue is a color that represents wood element. It encourages people to grow and develop in many areas of their life.

Blue is a splendid color you can use in your decor, whether you are decorating your home or your business. You can always add a few blue accent pieces to your decors, such as a blue cabinet, a blue loveseat, or even a blue chair.

5. Purple

You can also place a purple curtain on your front door so that you can feel more positive when you enter your home at night. 

We also consider purple to be the best color for children’s bedrooms, which is why many parents decorate their children’s rooms with purple decorations. 

You probably already know that purple is a very versatile color in Feng Shui. That means we can use it in pretty much every room in the house.

It is best used by entrepreneurs or powerful people who are seeking to be recognized. You can use purple to accent an office, a child’s room, or a library if you want your creativity to soar.

Brownish pink front door.
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6. Pink

In feng shui, pink represents love and partnership. Pink attracts people who are loving and caring for themselves. It encourages people to feel cozy and warm.

Pink encourages people to take good care of themselves. People often know pink flowers to inspire them to be more romantic and to act with respect.

The beige-like pink color is usually associated with the earth, and many consider the earth element to be the most balanced of the five elements in Chinese astrology.

That’s why, placing pink color in your entryway can give a stable and solid foundation of life.

7. Orange

Orange inspires people to feel more social and fun because it encourages people to be sociable and to make friends. We can use orange in very serious situations to help people get through abuse, shock, and depression.

Shades of orange that are similar to red represent the Fire Element, so use them to brighten up the rooms in your house that are mainly used for socializing and living.

Add some bright orange to your home studio or craft room when you are stuck on what you can create.

8. Gray

While we all strive to live in the white or fall into the black, gray is cool and precise. Choose lighter colors for more watery vibes.

Choose lighter tones for a more watery vibe, and darker shades for an intense, metal-healing vibe.

If you tend to be too absorbed in a relationship, adding a bit of grey to your bedroom combined with earthy tones will help you to keep your boundaries stronger.

Black front door.
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9. Black

Black, which is often used as a symbol of water element, is powerful and should be used very carefully.

This characteristic of black color may be used to protect yourself from negative energy. It is important to keep in mind that black absorbs not only negative energy but also positive energy.

We don’t say that black objects cannot be used in interior design. It is possible to use black color exquisitely. Black can be used as a beautiful accent, especially if we combine it with shades of blue or silver.

10. Red

Red energies us and cause us to become starving. The color has negative and positive connotations, but whatever you think about it, red is a wonderful source of vitality and energy.

It can channel people’s energy and attention to different rooms in their homes; it can also help people feel courageous and excited. It’s just not the right color for people who are anxious or who are in constant sleep mode, and wearing red doesn’t help you sleep better.

Red is a stimulating color, but a little can go a long way, so it’s best to use it in moderation.

Choose The Energy You Want

The Feng Shui colors for your front door can help you make your home a happy place to live in. The more positive energy you bring into your home, the better your life will be. Choose a color that will bring good luck and make your home a happy place to live in.

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