How Much Does Aircon Servicing Up Cost?

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Aircon Servicing Cost in Singapore

As of 2020, the average aircon servicing cost in Singapore is $40. This is about 1/3 to 1/4 of what it would cost in the other places, because of the relative low cost of living and labour costs. But what does it include?

It will include a full thorough cleaning of the entire aircon unit, and servicing the filters with a clean, cool refrigerant gas. This is probably one of the most important reasons as to why you should always service your AC every year.

If not cleaned and serviced regularly, a buildup will occur on your evaporator coils. This can cause your air conditioning system to run less efficiently, and consume more energy than necessary.

Another common reason for not servicing your cooling equipment is due to an expired warranty or guarantee period. Just remember that all cooling equipment have a limited lifespan, which starts from when you first purchase it!

Aircon Servicing Cost in Malaysia

In Malaysia as of 2020, servicing for an AC unit can cost anywhere between RM200 – RM500 (USD $50 – $120). You may be surprised how much lower this number is than Singapore!

In fact many people are already thinking “hmm…maybe I should get my AC serviced at home…” but then they remember that they heard horror stories about blackouts from Servimas or their friends/neighbours right?

It’s true that there are many cases where unscrupulous companies would try to make a quick buck by overcharging unsuspecting customers for unnecessary repairs or replacements!

The best way to avoid these kinds of problem is by going with a reputable company such as Servisair Conditioning & Refrigeration Sdn Bhd for example.

They have been around since 1968 and have served hundreds of thousands of customers over their 50 years in business!

And they were voted “Malaysia’s Most Trusted Air-Conditioning Company” by The Malaysian Consumers Association (MCA) two years consecutively.

For more information about the industry, read this comprehensive guide on Aircon Servicing in Malaysia by Servisair.

Aircon Servicing Cost in Philippines

In the Philippines as of 2020, servicing for an AC unit will cost anywhere between PHP500 – PHP1000 (USD $11 – $22). The reason why it costs so much more than Malaysia is because of the higher salary levels of Filipinos and the value of their currency compared to USD.

To put it into perspective, servicing a car will cost only 1/2 to 2/3 on average compared to Singapore!

Aircon Servicing Cost in Indonesia

In Indonesia, servicing for an AC unit will cost anywhere between IDR350k – IDR600k (USD $23 – $38). This is the same as Malaysia, except for the fact that it’s even cheaper in Indonesia due to the lower salary levels of Indonesians and the value of their currency compared to USD.

In fact, similar labor-intensive work (such as building a house) will cost 1/3 – 1/2 compared to Singapore!

The Bottom Line: Aircon Servicing Cost in Southeast Asia

So what’s the bottom line? For AC servicing cost in Singapore, Malaysia Philippines and Indonesia, expect to spend anywhere from S$40 – S$80 (about RM140 – RM300 or PHP500 – PHP1000 or IDR350k – IDR600k).

This does not include any additional costs such as parts replacement or additional labor costs caused by something that is broken. But if you have a good company servicing your AC unit at home.

They should be able to do a thorough check on your AC unit before quoting you a price for all repairs and replacements. The initial price should include all filters cleaning with cool refrigerant gas as well!


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