How often do you need to change your Aircon filters?

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Air conditioner
Air conditioner

How often do you need to change the aircon filter in a year?

How often you need to change the aircon filter will differ on a number of factors such as the age of the machine, size and domestic ecology. Normally, you will need to change it twice a year in order to prevent dust and dirty particles from circulating in your house. The filtration system doesn’t work over time and doesn’t have any additional cleaning features either.

It won’t do anything about removing heavy dirt from the air or removing smells and other irritants. Therefore, each time you replace it consider cleaning de antero with a vacuum cleaner because this way all nasty particles will be sucked out instead of circulating through your household even after changing the air filter right away.

Can I use my own air conditioning filters?

Yes, you can install your own filters depending on which ones are popular in your country. However, many times they don’t have as good quality as factory ones so if you want to keep your unit at its best prevent dirt from entering the cooling system we advise getting them at the same time as new ones. Changing the filter is a five minutes job so if it starts taking too much time or doesn’t offer clean filtration you should check if it needs to be cleaned or changed accordingly.

How do you find your new air conditioner filter?

As you can see, looking for the right air conditioner filter is not a very difficult task. You should check the specs of your unit before buying as some machines require low energy or more environmental friendly filters to work properly and at their best.

If you don’t take into consideration these factors the machine won’t last nearly as long and in addition will consume more energy trying to distribute it through your living space. After installing all parts, start cleaning your new purchase for best performance results!


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