How to Choose the Right Toilet Bowl

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Toilet Bowl

A toilet bowl cleaner should be safe for you and your family. When you are shopping for one, look for a product that contains active ingredients like bleach or ammonia.

These are effective against bacteria and other contaminants that can live in your toilet bowl. Some products even contain disinfectants that kill germs without using bleach or ammonia.

Look for one that contains these types of ingredients, or is alcohol-based.

When you are shopping for a toilet bowl cleaner, look for one that is safe for septic systems.

The cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia should be safe to use on your toilet, but you should still read the product label to make sure. You should also avoid products that contain harsh chemicals like chlorine or other caustic chemicals.

These can damage your toilet and even the septic system if they get into the soil surrounding it.

You may want to consider using a toilet bowl cleaner that is environmentally friendly as well. Look for one that does not contain harsh chemicals like chlorine or ammonia, which can be damaging to the environment and your health.

Look for a product with ingredients like citric acid instead, which is safer and gentler on the environment. Some of these products even help keep your toilet bowl clean without leaving any residue behind.


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