How to Dress for a Buddhist Wake

How to Dress for a Buddhist Wake

First published: 20 January 2021 @ 8:15 pm

How to Dress for a Buddhist Wake

It’s best to dress conservatively when attending a Buddhist wake. This means wearing long pants and covering your shoulders. You should also wear comfortable shoes.

If you’re attending a more formal Buddhist wake, you may want to wear something traditional, such as a kimono or a Chinese-style dress.

Who Should Attend the Wake?

You don’t have to be Buddhist to attend the wake of a loved one who practiced Buddhism, but it’s important that you show respect for the rituals that are being performed at the wake.

If possible, bring some money with you and offer it to the monks at the temple where the wake is being held; they will use this money for prayers and other services for your loved one.

It’s also important that you show respect for other people who are grieving at the wake by not trying to talk about happier times or gossiping with others who are there.

You should be there in order to honor your loved one and pray for his or her spirit; it’s not an appropriate time to reminisce about happier times or gossip about others who may be present at the wake.

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