How to Dress for a Hindu Wake

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How to Dress for a Hindu WakeHow to Dress for a Hindu Wake

When a Hindu person dies, the body is kept in the home for one to three days before it is cremated. In India, where many Hindus live, families often have a building on their property that is specifically designated as a family home.

When a family member dies, the body is kept in this home until it is time for the funeral. It is customary for family members and friends to visit the deceased during this time.

While attending a Hindu wake, be sure to wear clothing that covers your arms and legs. Many Hindus will also wear white during this time of mourning.

This can include dresses or pants with long sleeves and long pants. Shoes should also be removed before entering the home of the deceased so that you do not step on anything considered sacred in Hindu culture such as images of gods or temples.

You may also want to bring a flower to place on the deceased’s body. Many Hindus will also burn incense in the home of the deceased during this time.

When you arrive at the home, you will be greeted by a member of the family or a close friend. You should always give your condolences to the family and express your sympathies for their loss.

The Hindu funeral service is very important to those who practice Hinduism, so be sure to attend if you are invited.

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