How to Get Rid of Bad Odour in the Fridge

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  1. Keep the Fridge Clean

First of all you need to clean your refrigerator thoroughly. Remove every item from the fridge and remove any drawer or shelf that can be taken out easily.

Wash each item and wipe each surface with a cloth dampened with water. You can also use a mild detergent or dishwasher soap to clean it if you want to. Make sure you remove any food spills or stains on the door seals as well.

The shelves and baskets also need to be cleaned thoroughly, if there are no removable parts, simply wipe them down with a soft moist cloth. You can also make a paste of baking soda and water in a bowl and use it to clean them as well.

If you have removable shelves, tip the fridge on its side and clean between the shelves with warm water and dish soap, then dry this area thoroughly before replacing them back in the fridge.

2. Clean The Evaporator Coils

Next up is cleaning the evaporator coils of your refrigerator if they are dirty or clogged up with dust, food debris etc.,

Which will prevent the fridge from cooling properly, so clean them out as well using warm water and dish soap carefully avoiding getting any water into your electrical compartments at all costs, because damage could result otherwise!

Check for ice build-up at the back of your freezer compartment since this could indicate that you have a leak somewhere in your refrigerator’s cooling system.

Clean around these ice build-ups with a sponge and warm water to remove any build-up of food, grease etc. If there is ice build-up, use a hair dryer to melt it and then wipe away with warm soapy water.

3. Clean the Inside of the Fridge

Next up is cleaning the rest of the inside of your refrigerator, which includes the shelves, drawers as well as all food containers because they will need to be cleaned thoroughly if you don’t want bad odour to start coming back again as soon as you close your fridge.

Use a scrub brush or toothbrush and dish soap or baking soda to clean up any dirt or other residue from them. Rinse everything thoroughly with warm water afterwards.

4. Deodorize Your Fridge

If you have used baking soda in cleaning your fridge, you should let it sit for at least 12 hours before cleaning it off completely because if there is excess baking soda left on any surface of your fridge, it will leave white marks which could stain everything eventually!

So make sure you don’t forget about this step! Now that all your surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly with warm water and soap or baking soda and left to dry completely, now comes the final step – deodorizing!

Mix some baking soda with some lemon juice in a bowl until you make a paste and spread this paste over each surface including all drawers and shelves as well as food containers inside them using a soft cloth or brush.

Leave this paste on these surfaces for at least an hour before wiping off completely. This should remove any bad odour that has started to build up in your fridge!

5. Use a Deodorizing Spray

If you don’t have any baking soda or lemon juice on hand, you can use a deodorizing spray to freshen up your fridge instead. Mix about a tablespoon of baking soda with about half a cup of warm water in a spray bottle and shake well.

Now spray this mixture all over the inside of your refrigerator including the drawers, shelves, food containers and any other surfaces you think there is bad odour.

Leave it in place for an hour or so and then wipe off completely afterwards. Do not use bleach to clean your fridge because it could damage parts of it!

6. Use an Air Freshener

One last option you have if you don’t have any baking soda or lemon juice on hand is to use an air freshener. Spray the inside of your refrigerator with a good quality air freshener and leave it in place for at least an hour before wiping off completely.

Keep the windows of your fridge open for a while to let it air out at least, because closing your refrigerator after using these solutions could make things worse again!


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