How to plan a children’s birthday party

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Children birthday party
Children birthday party

How long does it take to plan a children’s birthday party?

Planning a children’s birthday party takes at least 3 weeks. This is because you have to send out invitations, confirm RSVPs and book venues, entertainment, food and so on. As such, it is better to give the planners more time to come up with an excellent event for your child.

What should be considered when hiring a children’s birthday party planner in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines?

You should consider several factors when hiring a children’s birthday party planner in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines:

1. Number of guests. You should be specific about the number of guests you are expecting. This will help the event planner to decide on a venue and caterers.

2. Venue and date. The date and venue you choose will affect the cost of the party, so you should choose them carefully. You can also get creative by incorporating the theme into it, for example a party inside a zoo or at an animal farm!

3. Budget: As we mentioned earlier, hiring a Singapore party planner or a party planner from Malaysia will cost around S$700 to S$2,000 per event because these planners come with several years of experience in Singapore and Malaysia respectively. If you’re hiring a party planner from Indonesia or Philippines, consider giving them S$350 to S$800 per event as they are relatively new in this business. Also, keep in mind that your budget may change depending on how big your event is and how many guests you expect to attend it!

4. Theme: Once you’ve decided on the budget and venue, your next step is to decide on a theme for the party. You can choose any theme (e.g.: Avengers) but make sure you’ve informed your guests about it. You can also get a party planner to come up with his/her own theme for you if you’re stuck!

5. Entertainment and activities: The entertainment and activities are very important parts of the party as they will keep the kids entertained while the food is being served, or during any breaks in between activities.

The entertainment will also depend on the theme you choose for the party! For example, if you have chosen a movie tie-in party, your entertainer can bring along some props and costumes from the movie!

6. Food and drinks: The food and drinks for a children’s birthday party should be suitable for kids. A good Singapore party planner or other event planners will know what food is suitable for kids, so don’t worry about that! Just make sure that there are enough food trays so that each child gets to eat at least one serving of fruits or desserts if possible. They should not be forced to finish all their main course because it could cause them to get sick.

7. Costumes: Your guests should come in costume, even if they are just wearing an accessory like a wig or a hat. This makes the party more fun as everyone can get together and take photos!

8. Games: Your party planner or other event planners should know how to play games for kids, so don’t worry about that. Make sure you have enough prizes for everyone, though!

9. Activities: You should choose a party planner who can help to organise the day’s schedule and the activities. Make sure you know how many breaks he/she will allow between activities so that you can plan your own schedule around it.

10. Clean-up: You should choose a party planner who can take care of the clean-up after the party. This will save you the trouble of hiring a maid or a cleaning service.

11. Follow up: Once your party is over, remember to ask your party planner or other event planners to follow up with all your guests and get their feedback on the experience they had at your event! You can then use their feedback to improve the way you plan for future events!


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