How to save electricity at home?

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How to save electricity at home?

In Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines, households can save electricity by switching to a Smart Meter.

In Malaysia, the average household with a Smart Meter is saving $7.50 per month compared to the same size house without a smart meter, which saves $90 per year.

With 1 in 3 households using a meter that does not provide detailed real time information on energy consumption, this saving could be higher.

The savings is in addition to the cost of the smart meter itself, which ranges from $40 to $120.

Based on the research conducted by the Energy Commission (EC) in 2013, the EC reported that home owners who have installed smart meters can reduce their electricity consumption by 20-30% in a year.

This is a huge saving because buildings consume more than 40% of total electricity supply in Singapore.

The savings is based on the cost of electricity and the amount of electricity consumed. The savings could be higher if you have an energy efficient home.

This is a great way to save money on electricity bill!

When you switch to a Smart Meter, you will receive weekly email alerts on your daily and monthly consumption.

You can adjust your usage accordingly and save more money!


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