Is 1GBPS Broadband Internet Speed Worth It?

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Users of 1GBPS broadband internet speed providers are enjoying speeds that are much faster than most other broadband connections. They can enjoy playing online games and videos on their favorite websites with little or no buffering.

This makes them highly popular among the new generation of Internet users who are eager to take advantage of all the benefits that come with ultra-fast Internet connection.

But, is it really worth it? Is a 1GBPS broadband internet speed worth spending big bucks for? Here’s a closer look at some of the most important factors you need to consider when deciding whether or not to get yourself a 1GBPS broadband service.

Broadband Internet Speed
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Price: 1GBPS Broadband Plans Are Too Expensive for Average Users

The cost of a 1GBPS broadband plan is way too high for the average Internet user, especially if they don’t have any special need for such a speedy connection.

Most users don’t really need such high speeds because they mostly use the internet to check emails and social media sites, stream videos from Google Play and Netflix, listen to music on Spotify and Apple Music, and stream live video on YouTube.

All these activities can be performed with little or no buffering if you have higher-than-average connection speeds, but there’s no real need for the blazing fast connection offered by 1GBPS services.

The recommended speed is about 10Mbps up and down which will be enough for most users. Anything beyond that will only cost more money without any real benefit in terms of performance.

Faster Speeds Are Not Always Better

Faster internet connections mean faster internet access which leads to better performance in terms of download speeds but it does not necessarily mean better performance when it comes to real-time applications.

Where latency issues can sometimes become more prevalent due to interference from other devices that use the same network as you do. So even if your ISP is offering you with an incredibly fast connection speed, it may not be enough for real-time applications like online gaming and voice over IP (VoIP) calls

Due to interference from other devices using the same network as yours which may result in packet loss issues which affect your overall experience when using these types of applications.

You won’t know if your ISP is experiencing interference issues until you actually try using such applications using their service so make sure that you ask them about this issue before signing up for a 1GBPS broadband plan.

You Can’t Use All That Speeds at Full Capacity All The Time

Broadband Internet Speed
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Some users think that they will be able to download large files within just a few seconds if they have a 1 GBPS connection speed. While this may be true, you have to remember that your connection speed is not the same as the upload and download speeds which can vary from time to time depending on the state of your network.

For example, if several other users are using their internet connections at the same time as you are, your ISP will slow down your connection speed in order to make sure that everyone can enjoy an optimal online experience.

This means that even if you have a 1GBPS connection speed, you may not be able to use it all at once because your ISP will reduce your connection speed when it gets too busy which can take away some of its benefits.

1GBPS Broadband is Ideal for Online Gamers and Streaming Video Users

If you love playing online games online or streaming videos from your favorite sites, a 1GBPS internet connection speed will be able to provide you with the optimal performance that you need in order to enjoy these activities without any interruptions or problems.

As mentioned earlier on, a 1GBPS connection speed will be able to provide you with ultra-fast download speeds without any interruption from other devices using the same network as yours. So if you love playing games and watching videos online, 1GBPS broadband may be the best choice for you.


1GBPS Broadband Is Worth It As Long As You Know Exactly What You’re Getting Into And How You’ll Be Using The Service

If you don’t have any special need for a 1GBPS broadband connection speed, you may not actually need to get yourself such a fast Internet connection.

A 10Mbps or 100Mbps connection speed will be more than enough for the average user who uses the internet just for checking emails and social media sites, watching videos on YouTube and Netflix, listening to music on services like Spotify and Apple Music, and playing online games.

If you don’t really need such fast speeds, you can save some money by getting yourself a lower-speed broadband service that will be more affordable in the long run as well as more practical for your needs.

On the other hand, if you really love playing online games or watching videos online, a 1GBPS connection speed may be worth considering if your ISP is offering it in your area at an affordable price.

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