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First published: 19 January 2021 @ 7:34 pm

One of the most common questions I get asked is: “Do you think my home layout affects my luck?” I believe it does, and by reading this article, you will learn how to design your home to bring in wealth, happiness and good luck. But before we get into the layout of your home, let’s take a look at what feng shui is all about.

Feng Shui Affects Our Luck
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What is Feng Shui? Is it a Religion?

Feng shui is not a religion. Its not even a practice or an art form. Feng Shui is more of an ancient art of placement that has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years.

It goes beyond just objects in your house; it also involves the placement of furniture and even mirrors, as well as colors and shades.

The practice was invented over 3,000 years ago in China during the time of Confucius when people realized that they could enhance their life with simple changes inside their homes.

It has evolved from being just a simple practice to be considered by some as a system for increasing wealth, health and happiness (or luck) for people who live in homes with good feng shui.

In other words, Feng Shui can be used to help bring out the best in you! However, I don’t believe that Feng Shui should be considered as an end-all solution or even replacement for any medical problems you may have.

It should only be seen as one tool to help improve your life!

Does Your Home Affect Your Luck?

Change Your House: Change Your Luck?
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If you have this question in mind, then you’re definitely not alone. The truth is that many people believe that the colors, shapes and designs in their home affect their luck.

In fact, some of them have gone as far as to change the paint color of walls or even replace a bedroom door to ensure positive chi flow inside their home!

I’m not saying that these are bad things to do, however I will say that changing the paint color of a room is worthless if you never spent time in it.

You see, Feng Shui isn’t just about placing objects around your house; it’s more about how many hours you spend living in a room or sleeping in your bed.

For example, if you spend most of your time watching TV while sitting on your couch, then I don’t see any reason to change the color of your living room.

Feng shui is about spending time in a space and enjoying it; its about being happy and peaceful in certain parts of your home where you can actually relax!

Change Your House: Change Your Luck?

There are several reasons why someone would move into a new house or even buy new furniture for their house. Some people just want to change their environment while others want to improve their luck (or bring in good fortune).

Yet there are some who believe that when they move into a new place or buy new furniture for their home, they will bring themselves good luck.

I’m sure you can see how changing something in your home can affect how you feel or even the way you think.

However I don’t believe that moving into a new home or buying new furniture will fix everything in your life so do not move into a new house just because you think it will change everything!

What Are the Colors that Bring Luck?

You may have heard of feng shui colors before. This is one of the most common things people do when they want to improve their luck;

they change the color of their walls, bedspread or curtains! Feng shui colors are based on Chinese astrology and changes throughout every season.

So what are the lucky colors for each season? Let’s go over each season below.

  • Spring Lucky Colors: Pink Green
  • Summer Lucky Colors: Yellow & White
  • Fall Lucky Colors: Orange & Blue
  • Winter Lucky Colors: Purple & Black

However this is not all there is to Feng Shui colors; there are also lucky numbers for each season as well! Lets take a look at those as well below.

  • Spring– Lucky Numbers: 2, 4 and 5
  • Summer –Lucky Numbers: 3, 6 and 8
  • Fall –Lucky Numbers: 5, 7 and 9
  • Winter–Lucky Numbers : 1, 2 and 3

If this is the first time you are hearing about feng shui colors and lucky numbers, they are important to know about because they can help you bring in good fortune!

If you’re not sure how a certain color or number can help you, please feel free to check out my article on Feng Shui Colors here.

So what does all of this mean? Can changing your colors bring in good luck? Well for one, I don’t believe that changing your colors will bring in good fortune.

However if you spend most of your time in a room or even the color of the room represents who you are and how you feel, then it will have an effect on your life!

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