Professional Home Inspection Service

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First published: 29 December 2020 @ 6:06 pm

Home inspection service is a procedure which the real estate agent or the licensed home inspector does to ensure that the property is in a condition to be sold.

They can carry the service out either on your own or on behalf of your client.

What to expect from a professional home inspection service explained.

A home inspection is a non-invasive diagnostic process conducted by a licensed professional inspector to identify the physical conditions in and around a home. This inspection serves as a baseline data set for the home and is used to determine the quality of the home’s structure, systems, and components.

The inspection report details the home inspection findings and identifies areas of concern, and craft a repair plan.

The home inspection report is a snapshot of the home’s condition at inspection time. Conditions can change quickly. Therefore, it is essential to remember that the inspection is a guide, not a guarantee of future performance.

Professional home inspection services are recommended for all home buyers and are typically performed by a certified or licensed property inspector.

Professional Home Inspection Service
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Licensing and certification

Property inspectors are licensed or certified in the state in which their business is located. Our home inspector directory contains inspectors who are currently licensed or authorized to conduct home inspections in their state.

Home inspection licensing and certification requirements vary by state.

A professional home inspection service will give you an opportunity to get an insight into the condition of the property and whether it is safe for the client to buy.

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