Should You Hire a Contractor or Interior Designer?

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There is a lot of confusion when it comes to this part: should you hire an interior designer or a contractor? Which one do you need more? Which one will be better equipped for the very job?

That confusion can cause a lot of issues. This is why we decided to lay out the possible scenarios that you may encounter, and help you choose which one will suit your needs best.

Types of people who want to work with interior designers

People who just want suggestions

They don’t want to be confused by too many decisions, too many numbers! They are more emotional than rational; for them, it’s all about how something feels rather than logic or cost.

People who don’t have the time to search and make decision

This type of people are often busy with work or family life; their desire is for good ideas and beautiful pieces but without the hassle of sorting through, planning and implementing everything themselves.

People who know exactly what they want

These are usually style-savvy individuals, who have exact visions in their minds and aren’t afraid to shop around (for some, buying on eBay can be as popular as shopping at the local furniture store).

People who like other people’s opinions

A lot of the times, these are homeowners who seek for advice from others but aren’t sure how much they really like one option or another. This is usually a hybrid structure: something in between buying ready-made and buying nothing at all.

Types of people who want to work with contractors:

People who want to save money

This type of client wants to save their money and every cent that they can. In order for them to do that, they need a contractor who will purchase furniture in bulk, negotiate prices with manufacturers and seek out better deals from suppliers.

This group is usually focused on cost cutting rather than on quality aesthetics.

Should You Hire a Contractor or Interior Designer?
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People who don’t trust their instincts

Some people just hate being subjective about aesthetics even though it’s part of what attracts them most in certain pieces (if you are into beautiful things then you know what we mean).

Some people prefer to have an expert opinion about design instead of trusting their gut feelings and risking making mistakes! They feel more secure following someone else’s lead (but that doesn’t mean that they won’t reinvent it once the process is over).

People that want to customize their living space

Usually, home owners who choose this type of contractor are not afraid to get their hands dirty and do a lot of work; however, they will want to be involved in the entire process.

Contractors usually take care of making purchases for customers, and then they leave the client to come back home and swap out items on their own. This may include flooring, furniture pieces or wall texture.

Always Choose the Best Option

We have created a list of pros and cons for both interior designers and contractors. Hopefully, this will help you choose the best option for your specific needs.

Our blog, HandyWork, also has more detailed guides for hiring an interior designer and a contractor. Check them out now!


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