How to Organize Your Cables

Three Ways to Organize Cables Beneath Your Desk

First published: 7 November 2022 @ 6:00 pm

How to Organize Your Cables
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People might want to find ways to organize cables as cable clutter is a growing problem. Not only you will find tangled wires, but when the cords are tangled, your electronic equipment can stop working!

A lot of people have their office desk against a wall, which makes it difficult to keep cords organized and out of the way. Moreover, if you have multiple cords running to different devices, it can be hard to keep track of which cord goes where.

So how do we keep our cables tidy, and keep them working properly? In this article, we will go over some of the ways to organize cables in a way that will keep them organized and make sure they work properly.

Step 1: Covering Area

Cover the area where you want to organize your cables with something that will stop them from getting tangled or dirty. You can use cloth like newspaper or foam pieces of cardboard to cover the area.

By doing this step, you will be able to keep your cords clean, and it will also be much easier to find them when you need them. It’s important to make sure that the material you used to cover the area is breathable so that your cords don’t overheat.

You also can use a desk mat that has built-in cord channels, which will make it super simple to keep your cords in place and tangle-free.

Step 2: Wrapping the Cables

Get a group of cables and wrap them around each other in different ways so that they don’t tangle. You can use cable ties or velcro straps to keep the cables together. In this way, you can wrap your cables so they don’t get tangled while still keeping them organized.

Don’t forget to label each group of cables so you know which ones go together. If not, you’ll have a big cable mess on your hands the next time you go to use them!

Cable wraps are an easy and affordable way to keep your cords organized and tangle-free. You can find them at most stores that sell office supplies. You can also choose different colors for your cable wraps so that it looks nice and neat as well!

Organize Your Cables
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Step 3: Storing Them

If you want to store some of your cords for future use, then consider using zip ties or electrical tape to keep the cord in place. It doesn’t necessarily need to be wrapped around all the other wires in order to work properly.

Zip ties or electrical tape are also great for organizing cords that are behind your desk or in another difficult to reach place. This way, you can keep them out of sight and out of mind until you need them again. Organizing your cables doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your cords tangle-free and working properly. Remember to label your cords so you know which ones go together. Store them in a safe place, such as desk drawer, when you’re not using them.


As you can see, there are many different ways to organize your cables so that they will be easy to access and use in the future. You also will get a clean desk space to put your personal items or other desk supplies.

As a result, your computer or other electronics will work more efficiently and you will save money on cables that are no longer needed. You can follow one or all of the steps above to get your cables under control.

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