Tips to Prevent Moths in Your House

What is the Best Way to Keep Moths Away?

First published: 16 September 2022 @ 6:00 pm

Moth infestation can be a major problem for any homeowner. It can be very difficult to find out the real reason and there are many myths surrounding it. What is the best way to keep moths away?

However, you should not worry about this as there are several ways that you can get rid of moth infestation.

What are Signs of Moths in Your House?

The first thing that you should do is to see the signs of moth infestation. There are certain signs that will help you determine the presence of moths in your house.

• They eat fabrics, carpets, clothes and other soft items. They have no sense of smell, so they cannot smell their prey and they just come out in search of food.

• You may notice little black dots on the bedsheets, carpets or curtains. If you can see these spots, then it means that there are moths in your house.

• You should also look for dead moths as they are not a common sight, but they happen sometimes.

If you find any dead moths, then it means that they are in your house, or there is an infestation happening in your house.

Moth extermination has been a major problem for many homeowners. Any type of moth can make havoc on your household items and cause damage to your home.

If you cannot take care of the problem on your own, then call a professional pest control company for moth extermination services.

Top Tips to Prevent Moths in Your House

1. Use an Anti-Moth Solution

If you want to prevent it, then you should definitely use an anti-moth solution which comprises several ingredients like neem oil, cedar oil, citrus oil, etc.

You can also use cedar oil, cedar blocks, cedar shavings and citrus oil in your house.

You can even make a mixture of the above mentioned ingredients and apply it on your wall or on the ceiling.

It is essential to follow these tips to prevent moth infestation in your house.

Adult moths are harmless, but the larva are very dangerous because they can cause severe damage to your house.

So, use these tips to prevent moth infestation in your house.

Tips to Prevent Moths in Your House
Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels

2. Place Caulk

You should always keep in mind that moth larvae love cracks and crevices where they can lay their eggs.

If you notice any cracks or crevices in your walls, then you should fill them with caulk as soon as possible to prevent them from laying moth eggs inside your house.

It is also essential to keep the caulk in place with masking tape for the longer life of the caulk.

You should also ensure that you do not fill the caulk with any debris before applying it on the cracks and crevices.

It is important to keep this tip in mind while using caulk to prevent moth infestation in your house.

3. Use Weather Stripping

You should use weather stripping around doors and windows as they are significant barriers against moths when they try to enter your house through them.

You should also ensure that these doors and windows fit with the weather stripping as soon as possible to prevent moth infestation in your house.

Any species of moth is famous for traveling through small cracks and holes in your house.

So, you should always seal these small cracks and holes to prevent moth infestation in your house.

4. Moth Proof Curtains

You should always keep moth proof curtains in your house to prevent moth infestation. You can also use moth proof window treatments like tassels, gauze, and even fans.

All these will help you keep them away from your house and protect it from getting damaged by them.

You should always ensure that you follow these tips to prevent moth infestation in your house.

Many types of moths can damage your house if you don‘t take proper precautions.

Moths are tiny insects that cause many problems for humans. They can easily enter your house through holes in the walls, windows, and doors.

5. Use Cedar Chest

Cedar chest is very effective in keeping moths away from your clothes. The reason behind this is that it has natural chemicals that repel moths.

They don’t like the smell of cedar and they won’t come near it.

The natural fibers of cedar chest repel moths. They will never come near it and will avoid coming near your clothes. You can also use cedar for cleaning.

Tips to Prevent Moths in Your House
Photo by Yulia Ilina on Pexels

6. Prepare Moth Traps

You can use moth traps to kill moths. The moth traps will catch the moths that enter your house. The moth traps are also very effective in catching other pests, such as fleas and flies.

The moth traps comprise natural ingredients that attract the moths. You can buy them from any store or from the Internet.

You should place the moth traps in areas where you find many moths.

7. Store Clothes in Airtight Containers

Store your clothes in airtight plastic containers. The reason is that the moths can get into your clothes when you leave them on the floor.

They also love wool and fur, so you should avoid keeping these materials near your bed.

The moths can lay eggs on the clothes and then the eggs will hatch into larvae that will eat the fabric. This can damage your clothes, so you should place them in airtight containers.

8. Keep Them Away from Their Food Sources

Clothing moths feel attracted to foods like wool, fur, feathers, and dried fruit. People usually store these foods in closets or pantries.

The moths can smell these foods and then fly to them. You should keep your clothes away from these sources.

Avoid Future Infestations of Moths

The above tips are very effective in preventing moth infestation in your house.

You should always follow these tips to prevent moth infestation in your house. Check out these other helpful articles as well.

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