What is Upholstery?

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Upholstery is the process of re-covering furniture with new fabric. The word upholstery comes from the Middle English word upholder, which means “to uphold”.

How is Upholstery Different from Fabric or Clothing?

Fabric for clothing and fabric for upholstery are similar in that they are both made of threads woven together to form a cloth.

The difference is that the threads people use in clothing fabrics are the same type of fiber, while they make those in upholstery fabrics of many types of fibers.

This creates a more durable fabric which will withstand the wear and tear caused by everyday use, while still being soft and comfortable to sit on.

Upholstery Fabric
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We may cut fabric for clothing on the bias or straight grain; however, you should always cut fabric for upholstery on the straight grain so that it can stretch in all directions and will not tear easily.

They usually cut clothing fabric into small pieces, but because upholstery is large and used daily, they typically cut it into very large pieces called bolts (canvas).

The yard sells fabrics designed specifically for this purpose at most retail stores and come in many colors and patterns.

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