What to Ask the Repair Man

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Repair man
Repair man

How to tell if the repair man is not doing a good job of fixing the things they are supposed to be. and cannot fix. If it is beyond repair, then it already should have been done when it was repaired by a professional. If you have to call a professional about repairing something bought at a garage sale, the garage sale person should not be informed of the problems.

First, determine how to determine if the repairman is not doing a good job of repairing what he was assigned to do. The following tips should be considered:

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Tips #1

Ask the owner of the item being repaired if he or she has seen people from his or her repair company fixing it. If so, ask for specific details why it was fixed and by who? See who they are getting paid by, who gave them permission to fix things and why? Do they have any previous complaints about needing a new valve installed on an exhaust system? Does their repair man get extra money each week based on how many valves it takes to replace them all on an exhaust pipe?

Customers may give positive feedback about their own experience with their particular repairman when asked beforehand; such knowledge can provide much valuable information later in this inquiry. That is worth considering before you try to pay someone off in order for him or her not to say anything bad about their previously good experience with your brand-new Dodge Grand Caravan XC300A transmission with 2WD/4WD.

Remember that people still like getting recommendations from previous customers even when they do not get paid for it. However, we also have to consider that there may be people who would say bad things about their own work from the very first impression they made, because this is a new work environment where the number of negatives are greater than positives.

Tips #2

Ask every repairman you come across if he or she knows exactly what he or she is doing on a given day. Do you really know what your car needs before you pay your mechanic to give it an estimate? Do you understand how much each part costs to buy and how much they cost to install? Your mechanic could end up spending more money fitting an accessory part on your car than simply using a cheaper slide valve equipped valve spring.

It is better to deal with someone who has done the job many times before and understand his or her reasoning behind each fix explained in detail, rather than relying on an estimate provided by a person who just moved into your neighborhood and decided that fixing other repairmen’s problems was good enough for him/herself.

Tips #3

Do not use mechanics that do not have correct tool kits, spare parts, materials and knowledge of replacement parts and filters – or give them any money upfront so they can find unnecessary repairs


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