What to do when a person dies at home in Malaysia?

What to Do When a Person Dies at Home in Malaysia?

First published: 16 January 2021 @ 4:19 pm

It is tricky to say, “What to do when a person dies at home in Malaysia?” The situation that a person dies at home is often a sudden and unexpected one. This article will help you with your Malaysian funeral arrangement.

The first thing to consider is the safety of the family members who are present at the time of death. If it is safe for them, then they should call the police. They should also contact a family member or friend for help.

Once you find the body, then it is mandatory to contact the police to declare the death. You need to report the death at once to make proper arrangements.

The police will also investigate the cause of death and help in contacting a funeral home. If there is no one present at the time of death, then you should contact a doctor or coroner immediately.

The family members present when death occurs should place a call to a funeral home immediately. They will need help in arranging for a proper burial plot and funeral services such as embalming, cremation, etc.

The family members should gather all official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, will, etc.

Funeral Arrangement in Malaysia
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What are Some Tips for Making Funeral Arrangement When Someone Dies at Home?

When someone dies at home in Malaysia, there are several things that you have to take care of before contacting a funeral home or arranging cremations in Malaysia .

First of all check with your local government regarding burial requirements and permits if you want to bury the person’s body on your own land. Call your local cemetery and inquire about their rules and regulations regarding burial plots and how much they cost per square foot.

If you want to hire a funeral director who will transport the body from your house to cemetery or crematory then look up several funeral directors in your area and call them up for quotes on their services.

You could talk to friends and relatives for recommendations of funeral directors who have experience in arranging services for people who die at home.

What are Some Things to Consider When Planning a Funeral Arrangement?

When making a funeral arrangement in Malaysia, keep many things in mind. There is the cost of funeral services, the cost of casket or cremation urns, the burial plot or cemetery plot where the person is going to be buried, and traveling expenses.

If you are not burying the person’s body locally and last but not least food expenses for the guests who will be attending the funeral. All these factors should be considered before making a funeral arrangement.

The family members will also want to consult with a minister or priest regarding religious services if that is what they prefer. All these factors will help you decide how much you want to spend on your loved one’s final resting place.

You can compare prices of caskets online or at your local casket shop but remember that it is best to purchase a casket from a local supplier as shipping costs would increase costs significantly.

You could opt for cremation which will save on cost overall but if you do go with cremation then make sure that you select an urn that is fitting and suitable for displaying during the visitation period before cremation takes place.

How to Select a Casket for Cremation?

Casket for Funeral Arrangement
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When planning a funeral in Malaysia, you will need to select the casket that will be used for the cremation. You can purchase a casket from a local supplier or you can order it online.

If you are going to purchase it from a local supplier then make sure that you check their prices because shipping costs would increase the total cost of the casket considerably.

You should also make sure that the casket is sturdy enough to handle cremation and burial if needed. The last thing you want is for your loved one’s body to be trapped inside a flimsy and defective casket.

You could also go with an urn instead of a casket. It would cut down on cost. But if you do go with an urn, then ensure that it is suitable for display during the visitation period before cremation takes place. Some urns are proper only for burial purposes and not for display at all.

What are Some Common Burial Practices in Malaysia?

There are many different ways of burying someone in Malaysia depending on your religion and beliefs. Most people opt for cremation these days, but there are still places where you can bury bodies under religious traditions in Malaysia.

The family will decide which method they want to use after consulting with local religious leaders such as ministers or priests or imams depending on their religion or belief system.

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