What you need to know about Awning

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Awning is a very important thing in our lives. It is an extension of the roof of our house. It protects us from rain, sun and the entire environment.

But people don’t know what to look in an Awning? We are here to help you with this.

What to look before buying Awning?

1. Construction

The first thing we need to know about an Awning is its construction. The construction must be strong enough so that it can withstand the pressure of heavy rains and winds without getting damaged or breaking down.

Since it needs to be installed at your house, make sure that it can easily be installed and removed when not needed or when under repair etc.,

2. Size

The size of the Awning also matters a lot. If you buy a small sized one, only those people who can fit in there will able to sit under it! So, if you have a big family then buy a bigger one!

Also, if you want protection from heavy rains, buy the bigger ones which go higher up! If you want protection from sun rays too then get the ones with higher height and length as well!

But remember they must not occupy your entire space outside your home, besides making your home look good they also need space for parking! So check out their size properly before buying one for yourself!

3. Weight

You should always check out how much weight the Awning will actually hold on its own! This is an important point too because sometimes these things get damaged by their own weight too when really windy or rainy day arrives!

So make sure that they are strong enough to hold themselves up properly in any condition but at the same time don’t occupy too much space so that they won’t damage your car or even your home as well on rainy or windy days!

They should also be strong enough so that they can hold other things like chairs etc., on them without being broken by its own weight or pressure of things placed on them like chairs etc.,

4. Weather Resistant

All these questions above were related to weather conditions so we must also know about weather resistance of an Awning as well because if it doesn’t withstand weather conditions like rain then there is no point of even having it in your life right?

So, check out whether the Awning is weather resistant or not by checking out its material too! They must be strong enough to hold heavy rains and winds.

5. Material

The material of the Awning also matters a lot if you want your Awning to last long, be strong and resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

There are different materials available in the market today which can be used to make these things so choose wisely! The most common ones today are PVC, Polyester and Nylon etc.,

6. How Much Do You Need It?

This is a very important question as well! If you need protection from only sun rays then buy the one which covers only the length and height of your house or building.

But if you need protection from both sun rays and rains then buy an Awning which covers your entire space in front of your house or building where people can sit under it!

This saves a lot of money too because buying two different kinds of things will cost twice as much as buying one with both sun ray protection and protection from heavy rains and winds!

7. Price

We can’t expect to buy the most expensive Awning in the market too because that will cost us a lot of money! So, we need to look for kind of an Awning which is not too expensive but also not too cheap either!

If you are getting it for your home then buy a good one which will last long and if you are buying it for your office or shop then please keep in mind that you don’t need a very expensive one there!

When buying an Awning for your office or shop please keep in mind that you can get a much smaller one there because most people stay inside the building or office when outside weather conditions are not suitable and so they won’t be able to use it at all!

8. Installation

This is also important! How much time does it take for installation? Does it require expert hands only to install? Does it require any special tools? All these questions must be answered before you buy an Awning!

If one requires expert hands only to install then think twice before buying one because once installed, if if needs repair in future and you were not able to fix it yourself (because the expert has gone) then you may need to get another expert again and pay him with more money! You must think about this factor as well before buying anything!

9. Warranty

This is also important factor usually ignored by every customer out there but let me tell you this – do check out the warranty offered by any seller or brand before buying their produc.

Because in case of any damage whatsoever they will repair that product or even replace it with another new one absolutely free of cost so making sure that he company still stands behind their product even after sale and purchase.

So make sure that you see into this point as well before making purchase of anything anywhere, anytime at all (online shopping included)!

10. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very important as well because they tell us about how much quality a product really has. They tell us about its durability, ease of use etc.,

Also, many companies give reviews from their customers on their websites where we can easily read them ourselves without having to visit physical stores to find out whether the Awning is good enough or not etc.,

So check them out on internet too before purchasing anything anywhere from anywhere anytime at all (online shopping included)!


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