Why is My Metal Water Tap Turning Green?

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Water that is contaminated with iron or minerals can turn into a green water tap (known as “water staining”). This is more common on older style metal taps, which are made from bronze or brass.

Copper causes the most common type of water staining in the water supply. This can be confirmed by examining the water for a blue-green hue, which is indicative of copper.

Why is My Tap Turning into a Green Water Tap?
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How Can I Remove the Water Stains from my Metal Water Tap?

To remove the green water tap first turn off the water supply to your kitchen sink. Next remove all visible debris from the tap and then apply a heavy layer of grease-cutting dishwashing liquid directly to the affected parts of your sink and its tap.

Leave it for around 15 minutes then wash it off with soapy water and a scrubbing brush. Repeat this process for up to three days if necessary until all traces of green are gone from your tap and sink.

After this time you will need to apply a protective coating or coating sealant to prevent future staining. Although there are many products claiming to work as an effective coating sealant, we recommend using our specialist Hard Surface Cleaner; it really does work!

Why Should I Use Our Hard Surface Cleaner to Remove the Staining From my Metal Water Tap?

Our Hard Surface Cleaner is a powerful, non-toxic product designed to remove hard water stains from all types of glass, porcelain and metal surfaces. It is also highly effective at removing rust stains from water taps and bathroom basins.

As it is a concentrated product, you only need to use it sparingly – which substantially reduces the cost of its use. Our Hard Surface Cleaner is available in 1 litre containers for £5.99 (excluding VAT), making it much more cost effective than most other products claiming to be effective at removing hard water stains.

Cleaning Green Water Tap With Hard Surface Cleaner
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Not only this, but our product works in just 15 minutes and leaves absolutely no residue behind, giving your kitchen sink or bathroom basin a brilliant shine!

How Do I Use Your Hard Surface Cleaner To Remove The Stains From My Metal Water Tap?

To remove the stains from your metal tap, first turn off the water supply to your kitchen sink. Next apply a liberal amount of Hard Surface Cleaner to the affected parts of your sink and its tap.

Gently scrub away any green stains with a scrubbing brush and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off using soapy water and then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. For best results use our Hard Surface Cleaner on a daily basis to prevent future staining.

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