Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold Enough

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Aircon’s are one of the most used electrical appliances in the household. They can save you a lot of money and make your home more comfortable by providing cooling and heating, and it is especially important to have them working well in hot weather.

However, if your aircon is not working as well as it should be, you may be losing a lot of money on electricity. It could also be that your aircon is not working at all. There are many reasons why this could happen, and here we will explain some of the most common ones.

Blocked Aircon

If your aircon is not cold enough, or does not work at all, the first thing to check is whether it has been blocked up with dust or leaves etc. You can easily check this by removing the front grille from the unit and looking inside. You should see a fan that blows air through coils to cool it down. If you see dust or leaves in there then you will need to clean them out before continuing with the rest of this article. This problem usually happens during spring when all those leaves come out from under trees etc and land on top of your aircon unit outside your house!

Dusty Unit

Another reason why your aircon may not be cold enough is because it has become dusty inside over time. If you have a portable air con unit then there will probably be no way for you to get inside it to clean it out but if you have an installed system then this should be easy for you to do yourself or ask someone else who knows how to do it for you (just make sure they use a vacuum cleaner!).

It may also be possible for them to put some kind of anti-dust spray into the unit which helps keep dust at bay for longer periods than just vacuuming does alone!

Not Cleaning Your Air Con Regularly

The best way to avoid dust build up on your air con unit over time is by cleaning it regularly (preferably once every few months). You can do this yourself if necessary although if your air con is very large then maybe someone else would need to help you! First remove any grilles that are covering up vents on the outside of the house so that any loose dust can get out through these instead of clogging up inside your unit (especially important if there are any gaps around these vents). Then use an anti-dust spray around any vents that you can get to. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or an air compressor to clean out the inside of your unit and make sure that it is not clogged up with dust or dirt. Once you have done this, close up any vents again and test your air con to see if it is working better now.

Blocked Air Con

Vents The final thing that could be causing your air con not to work properly is if there are any vents in the house that are blocked up with dust or leaves etc. To check this, remove any grilles covering the vents on the outside of the house and look inside them to see if there is anything blocking them up. If you do find some then you will need to clean them out before replacing the grille.

If there are no grilles on the outside of your house then check inside your home where there may be some vents near windows or doors etc (again look for any dust build up). When you find some then clean them out using a vacuum cleaner or an air compressor before replacing any grilles back over them again.

If you have checked all of these things and your air con is still not working as well as it should be then it may be that the air con unit itself is faulty. You will need to contact a professional for this kind of problem.


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