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Basic Fire Safety Tips at Home

First published: 23 November 2022 @ 6:00 pm

Fire safety is very important in homes. It should be made mandatory in every house. As home owners, it is our responsibility to keep our home safe. 

What Can Cause Fire Accidents?

There are various causes of fire accidents in a house. Some of the common causes of fire accidents are:

1. Cigarette burns

Cigarette burns are the common cause of house fire accidents. For example, cigarettes can cause a fire accident when they are left burning in bed. 

The fire spreads to the bed covers, which then catch fire and spreads to other combustible materials in the house.

2. Electrical faults or sparks from power points, plug sockets, or lights

If there is a fault in an electrical socket, it can lead to a house fire accident as it creates sparks that ignite other combustible materials around it. 

You should be careful about any sparks that come from electric plugs and power points. They are flammable materials that can easily cause a house fire accident.

If you notice that any electric appliance is causing a spark or has short-circuited, switch off the appliance immediately and report the incident to your nearest electricity board. 

Do not try to repair any electrical appliances yourself as this may create another spark that could cause a serious fire accident. Remember! Only qualified electrician can handle the electrical malfunction, never try it yourself.

Basic Fire Safety Tips at Home
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3. Ignition of flammable substances

Ignition of flammable substances can cause a a household fire. For example, if you leave the oil on the stove and then leave the room, it could catch fire when you return and ignite other combustible materials around it. 

Also, if you keep flammable substances like cooking oil, bleach, and matches near heating devices like stoves or heaters, this could lead to a fire accident. 

5. Electrical appliances being used improperly or incorrectly 

If you use electrical appliances or electronic devices incorrectly or improperly, it can cause a fire accident. 

For example, you should not place any flammable substances near heating devices. 

Also, you should not keep any electronic appliances such as computers and mobile phones on the kitchen counter. This is because these could cause a fire accident when they malfunction and start sparking or short-circuiting. 

5 Basic Fire Safety Tips at Home You Need to Follow

Fire safety can be achieved by following a few basic rules:

  • Keep combustible materials away from heating devices, especially near sleeping rooms.
  • Keep inflammable items like papers and rags away from heating devices.
  • Keep your fire extinguishers in good condition and know how to use them.
  • Use heat detectors to detect any fire hazard in your home before it becomes a serious fire hazard.
  • Make sure your gas and electric appliances are switched off before leaving home.

These basic fire safety tips will help you to stay safe and secure in your home.

Take Proper Care of Fire Safety

Fire safety is very important for your family and you should take proper care of it. The above-mentioned tips will help you to be safe in your house.

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