Basic Fire Safety Tips at Home

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Fire Safety Tips
Fire Safety Tips

What are the basic home fire safety tips?

The basic home fire safety tips are awareness and prevention. You need to be aware of the things you do everyday that could potentially cause a fire. You also need to know exactly what to do when a fire occurs, for example have you developed an escape plan? Is your family aware of emergency exits? You can prevent fires by taking the necessary action when there is a danger of them occurring. For example, if you find yourself with a fire alarm going off in your home, what would you do if there were small children in the house?

If the danger is caused by electrical equipment, like an appliance or light bulb, or from faulty electrical wiring causing a short circuit:

  • Turn switch off immediately at the mains supply or pull plug out from mains socket;
  • Raise alarm immediately;
  • Switch off power to other appliances at the main fuse box;
  • Open doors and windows to avoid suffocation;
  • Call 999. Check cord is not live – if it is, unplug immediately;
  • If you are unable to put fire out or don’t know how: treat it as a real fire;
  • Leave immediately; and close the door on your way out. Call 999.


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