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First published: 20 January 2021 @ 5:52 pm

Your room size will determine how many rooms you need when choosing flat. The most important thing to think about when determining how many rooms you need in your home is that you don’t want to feel cramped or too confined.

With the average size of a bedroom being about 12 square meters, you should be able to fit at least two bedrooms into a flat. If your current home doesn’t have enough bedroom space, then you may have to consider purchasing an additional unit or seeking more space.

With a lot of kids, it is advisable for you to purchase an additional unit or modify your current home so that it can accommodate all of them comfortably.

If we were talking about adult children, then perhaps there is no reason why they couldn’t spend some time in the living room while they wait for their turn to use the bathroom.

However, this is not practical for kids who will want their own space so that they can play and sleep comfortably without disturbing their siblings.

How large should my Bathroom be?

Choosing Flat Bathroom
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The standard size of a bathroom is 6 square meters. While this may seem too small for some families, it shouldn’t really be an issue as long as the bathroom has adequate storage space.

If it has a separate toilet and shower area so that both genders can use it simultaneously without feeling too cramped up.

Another important feature when choosing flat is that most bathrooms will come with is a bathtub where everyone can take a warm bath together after spending a tiring day outdoors or after coming home from work/school.

A bathtub is not essential but most people would want one in their homes because it gives them the option of getting clean anywhere they are – regardless if they are overseas or on vacation – and not having to depend on whether the hotel/resort has one or not.

In terms of the size of your bathroom, you don’t necessarily have to have a bathtub if you don’t like them. Most people prefer to just get wet in a shower or take a warm shower and then go directly to bed.

In that case, you can manage with a smaller 5 square meter bathroom (although it is not ideal) as long as it has enough storage space and proper ventilation.

How large should my Kitchen be?

The size of your kitchen should definitely be at least 6 square meters because this is where everyone comes together to eat their meals and discuss their days or plan their activities for the day/week/month ahead.

It is also where the kids do their homework while the adults cook or clean up from cooking. So, even if you have a large kitchen counter that serves as an extension to the dining table, this goes out of the picture once there is no more space left on it.

A large kitchen will allow everyone to move around comfortably without feeling cramped up and will also make your family feel more at home instead of like they are living in a hotel room each time they go back home.

The only problem with having a huge kitchen is that it will add too much weight to your overall monthly expenses since you will probably spend more in electricity bills during winter/summer months when you need heating/cooling appliances on longer than usual.

You may find yourself spending more money on groceries and household items too because you don’t want to make frequent trips out anymore just to save yourself some time.

However, this only applies if your family spends most of its time indoors because they have grown accustomed to living in an oversized space that allows them flexibility in how they live each day.

Apart from having enough space for everyone’s daily necessities, another thing that must be considered when deciding on how big your kitchen should be is whether or not you will need extra space for storing food stuffs.

When there are parties at your home or if there are going to be guests staying over for long periods of time. If so, then you might want consider getting two cupboards rather than one because sometimes there might not be enough room on the counterspace especially when people start bringing food over themselves.

So, keep these factors in mind before deciding how big your new flat’s kitchen should be – it would save you from making unnecessary changes later on after moving into the house!

How large should my Living Room be?

Choosing Flat Living Room
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It is always good to have a large living room when you are choosing flat or house; especially if you have kids who have their own specific tastes when it comes to entertainment.

A living room should be around 10 square meters but if your family is big enough (like 5 or more people) then you should consider getting an extra room.

Because it will not only save you the money and time of having to purchase additional furniture but it will also make your family feel at home rather than like they live in a hotel.

You can probably manage with just one room for now since the rest of the family can use the kitchen and dining area as alternative space but as soon as they grow older,

They may want their own space where they can study or play with their friends while still being able to see what’s going on in the main area of your home.

It would be ideal if you could get at least two rooms otherwise you might find yourself getting a bigger flat than necessary just so that everyone has their own personal space.

How many Bedrooms do I need?

When determining how many bedrooms you need, you need to think about how big your family is right now and how big of a family do you expect them to be in the future.

If it looks like most of your kids are going to grow up and start moving out on their own once they are old enough, then it would be better choosing flat that is smaller so you don’t need any additions – especially if your children aren’t planning on having any more siblings.

Your current home should not only accommodate all of them comfortably right now but also serve as an extension once they are all grown up (unless someone else in the family decides that they want to move out too).

Of course, there is nothing stopping anyone from adding another unit or modifying your current home so that it will serve as an extension for those who want something different from what everyone else has been using for years.

If most of your children are young still and there is no indication that anyone else will be moving out anytime soon then it would be best for you to purchase a larger unit so that each child gets his/her own room/s – this way nobody feels left out or pampered while others get more attention than them due to having their very own private space.

For example, suppose there is no one older than 10 who doesn’t already have his/her own room. In that case, it would be better choosing flat with two rooms instead of one because you can’t exactly buy a 12 square meter room and expect a 10 year old kid to feel at home in it.

You will probably want to get one that is around 16 square meters so that they have enough space to put their belongings, play with their friends or pets and feel like they are living in a house rather than an apartment.

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