What are Demolition Services?

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Demolition Service involves taking down structures, demolishing buildings, tearing down houses, pulling down structures, and destroying buildings.

It might take them several days or weeks depending on what we need to do with the structure. There are some companies who use their hands and another company who uses machines for demolition while others use cranes or excavators.

It all depends on your budget as well as how much equipment or machinery you want them to use during demolition.

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How long does Demolition Service take?

It depends on how big the structure is and how much materials we need to take down. For example if there is a high-rise building then it would be difficult to demolish it with cranes and excavators because there might be some structural instability problems with the building so it could take longer depending on how big the building is as well.

We would need more equipment and machinery to demolish it compared to smaller buildings that we can use our hands and manpower for demolition Singapore Malaysia and Philippines this year.

They could take down a building that is around 5 floors high in 3 days but if it is more than 5 stories then it may take them more than a week depending on how big the building is as well as where it is located.

They can also do small jobs that are around 500 square feet and they can finish them in 2 to 3 hours but bigger jobs may take longer so they need to make sure that they have enough manpower and machines for the job.

What is the difference between Demolition Singapore, Malaysia and Philippine?

In Singapore

Demolition contractors in Singapore are much more experienced than our demolition contractors in Malaysia so they have some of the best machines and equipment to do the job. They also have better knowledge of asbestos removal cost so they know how to handle them properly.

Their experience is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because that’s what we are paying them for their service.

If you want to get your demolition right, then you have to look for a demolition contractor that has been in this business for more than 10 years as they will know how to save you money in demolition costs as well as time too.

In Malaysia

Demolitions contractors in Malaysia are also different than our demolitions contractors in Philippines because demolition contractors here have trouble finding a place to stay even if they are onsite so it is hard for them to work efficiently.

If they stay in a hotel then they have to pay more money than their salary so it is a big problem for them so this may affect their work as well. They may also charge you an extra $100 to $500 per day for each staff member that can stay onsite so this can cost you additional demolition costs.

In the Philippines

Demolition contractors in Philippines are much cheaper than demolition contractors in Singapore as well as demolition contractors in Malaysia but they are not as experienced as our demolitions contractors in Singapore.

Their equipment and machinery is not the best so they have difficulty finding a good place to stay because they don’t have enough money to pay for hotels or accommodations which will affect their work.

It might take them longer to finish the job so this can be a problem if you have other things that you need to do as well.

How Much They Cost?

Demolition service costs will go up in 2017 and 2018. Some landscaping companies are charging $200 to $500 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours, others start at $30 p/h with a minimum of 2 hours. For your commercial property, it will be around $10 to $30 per square foot.

Commercial buildings are unique, especially in demolition services cost. We need to use machinery like forklift and small excavators to move the furniture or fixtures into the building.

It is even more difficult when we need to demolish an old building with asbestos siding because we need special disposal service for waste asbestos removal cost.

We only do demolition service if there is an existing structure left on the site but sometimes we do it without anything left so this will make our job easier and give us more time for another project as well.

Is There Any Extra Charge?

For residential properties, they will charge around $5000 minimum for first floor, and then add $1000 each additional floor provided that the building has four floors or less but if it has more than four floors then they may charge you extra because it is difficult to take down a high-rise structure.

It can take several days depending on how big the building is and where it is located in Singapore, Malaysia, or the Philippines.

They might also charge you additional fees if there are any surprises once they start demolition such as asbestos siding or structural instabilities of the building that they didn’t expect when they signed up for a demolition project.

There are some places that have special rules and regulations regarding how much area you can take down after demolition or what materials you should use in rebuilding so that might affect your budget too as you have to pay extra for permits in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines this year due to stricter laws issued by these countries government agencies.

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