Shower vs Bathtub

Choosing Between Showers or Bathtubs for your Bathroom

First published: 28 December 2020 @ 1:37 pm

Bathtubs provide great comfort. They are comfortable, relaxing, and spacious. You can easily sit in the bathtub and relax or soak your feet.

But what about when it comes time to clean? A dirty bathtub requires a lot of hard work to clean. It is impossible for one person to clean a bathtub without assistance and so it is always better to have two people.

The size of the bathtub also matters a lot when it comes to cleaning. If you have a large tub, you will find cleaning it a tough job if you cannot manage with your hands.

Under such circumstances, you should choose the best shower head for your bathroom as they are much easier to clean and maintain than baths are. You can get them cleaned with ease and they do not require much maintenance at all.

Bathtubs vs Showers

Bathtubs tend to be leaky while showers are more reliable in this regard because their parts fit perfectly together which makes them watertight.

Leaky showers can be repaired but it may take longer than expected or more money than expected as well.

Bathtubs come with a lot of space inside, making it difficult to clean and maintain them.

Showers are much easier to clean and maintain than baths are. The small space required for a shower makes it easy to clean the showerhead as well.

Showers can be cleaned in just 10 minutes while bathtubs take more time and effort to be cleaned.

Showers do not come with any risks of slipping or falling on the floor as baths come with a risk of slipping due to water on the floor which also makes them vulnerable to damage from scratches, cracks and other damages that may occur when you slip on water during bathing.

So overall, showers are far safer than baths are.

It is very expensive to have a bathtub installed at your home than it is to have a shower installed. So, if you are looking for more space in your bathroom, you should go for showers instead of baths because they will save you money in the long run.

Bathtubs do not provide you with water pressure but showers do which makes them better than baths are in this regard as well. Overall, showers provide more benefits when compared to bathtubs do and so rain shower heads should always be preferred over bathtub faucets.

Choosing Between Showers or Bathtubs for your Bathroom
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Advantages of Using Rain Shower Heads in Your Bathroom

Rain shower heads are not just a luxury but they also come with a lot of benefits as well.

Water Efficient

The most important benefit that rain shower heads provide is the fact that they are water efficient! They have at least a 2.5 GPM flow rate which means that they allow at least two and a half gallons of water to flow through each minute.

This makes them more water efficient than any other shower head out there in the market so if you are looking for a shower head that is efficient and consumes less water, these should be the best choice for your bathroom.

Amazing Pressure

They provide amazing pressure which makes them work great when it comes to rinsing off the soap or shampoo from your hair. You can use them for applying conditioner or soap on your hair as well and you will love the results.

People who have been using these types of shower heads say that they feel like they have been at the salon after using one! The pressure provided by these types of shower heads is very strong and it feels very nice against your skin once you get used to its pressure.

Spray Pattern

The spray pattern of rain shower heads is another thing which makes them better than other types of shower heads out there in the market today. They provide an incredible spray pattern which covers most parts of your body at one time.

So even if you have a small bathroom, you will be able to use this type of head without any issues! It is excellent when it comes to cleaning your body because it gives you full coverage all over.

You won’t need any additional equipment when using these showers because they do their work perfectly well on their own!


Nobody wants their hands to get dirty while bathing and so this is something which makes showers an excellent choice for many people as compared to baths are because we don’t want our hands getting dirty when bathing, do we?

These types of showers make sure that this does not happen by providing full coverage and cleanliness with minimum effort!

So if you think baths are better than showers, think again because this will make sure that no dirt remains on your body after bathing which saves time and money as well because you won’t have to clean yourself again after coming out from bathtub or showers.

Advantages of Using a Bathtub in Your Bathroom


Bathtubs are great for giving you the relaxation that you want while bathing. They are large and spacious which makes them great for soaking your feet in them.

You can also sit in bathtubs and relax as well. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy your bathing moments without breaking your bank, you should go for baths instead of showers.

Baths provide the comfort that people look for in a shower. They come with a lot of space which makes it easy to relax and soak yourself in them comfortably without having to worry about anything else at all.

Baths are great if you want to relax and not deal with any other stuff that might be in the bathroom. They are quiet and provide all the privacy that many people want when they take a shower.

Baths provide more space than showers because they are generally bigger than small showers are. If you have had enough of using small showers, you should consider having a bath instead.

Baths make sure that all of the soap soaks into your skin properly without leaving any residue on your skin because they keep the water running constantly while bathing in them.

Choosing Between Showers or Bathtubs for your Bathroom
Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. on Unsplash.

Give Feeling of Thorough Cleaning

When using them, it will feel like your skin has been cleaned thoroughly but this does not happen when using showers because they only provide pressure and nothing more than that which means that soap does not get washed off completely from your body when taking a shower.

This is another reason why many people prefer baths over showers these days.

Less Maintenance

Bathtubs do not require much maintenance at all which means that even if you have children or pets in your house, they can be used without any issues whatsoever.

Bedsheets will also last longer if placed over bathtubs as compared to placing these sheets over showers as this will ensure proper maintenance of these sheets as well.

So overall, bathtubs are better than showers when it comes to maintenance as well because there is less chance of hair clogging or other problems when taking a bath with a tub instead of with a shower head.


In conclusion, bathtubs are better than showers in many ways. If you are looking for a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling great and relaxed after bathing, then baths should be the best option for your bathroom! It is all up to you as to which type of shower head you want to use in your bathroom.

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