Troubleshoot Internet Issue

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First published: 28 December 2020 @ 2:34 pm


The first step to diagnosing the issue of your internet issue is to check your internet modem it self. Some issues people have on their computers are caused from the internet modem and not the computer itself. So first, check to see if your modem is working.

Remove power from the internet cable modem Unplug power cable from modem Wait 1 minute Put power back into modem Wait 30 seconds Plug Internet cable back into modem and wait for lights on front of it to be one steady light instead of flashing plug in computer and test your internet. If this fixes your issue, then you can put your old router back as a bridge router, or buy a new router.

If you have this same problem with other routers, then it may be your router or computer causing the issue and not the internet modem.


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