How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Friend for a Day?

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It’s no secret that having a party is a great way to make some extra cash. And with how popular rent a friend for a day service has become, it’s no wonder why.

People from all over the world are now able to rent out their friends, relatives, and co-workers for parties and events. But one thing is for sure – it’s not cheap!

The Singaporean market is one of the most expensive in Asia, charging up to $80 per hour. The Indonesian and Malaysian markets are the least expensive, with rates starting at $3 per hour.

Filipino rates start at $10 per hour, while the Indian market is also quite affordable. Sri Lankans tend to be a bit less expensive, charging around $4 per hour.

Compared to the U.S., the rates for renting friends in Asia are significantly cheaper. In America, you can expect rates ranging from $5 per hour in Colorado to $100 per hour in Los Angeles.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Friend for a Day?
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Why do people rent friends?

Many ex-pats in Asia seek to rent out friends to help them stay on track with their social obligations. In major cities, it is common for ex-pats to have difficulties making friends with the locals.

There are a lot of people in foreign countries who don’t have the money or the time to start a regular part-time job. It is more affordable to pay for the local services that can make them feel comfortable in their new surroundings and help them to find a new job.

Most people rent friends through services to fill their social calendar, but they also use the sites for a variety of other purposes. Some people find that they enjoy having a local friend to hang out with on the weekends, while others use it as a way to meet new people and learn more about their new surroundings.

In cities like Singapore, where expatriates can earn huge salaries and have no problems making friends or dating in their free time, there is less demand for services.

Compare that to smaller towns or rural areas of Southeast Asia where expats may have more difficulty meeting new people or finding time to socialize outside of work.

Renting friends in those countries gives people the opportunity to meet local people cheaply – and not have to feel like they are paying someone who is just looking for a paycheck.

In addition, they can earn some extra money by helping another expat to make the most of his or her short stay abroad in exchange for some money.

How do I rent a friend in Singapore?

Renting friends can be easy and affordable when you use one of the many online sites that help connect you with local individuals looking for work.


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