How To Babyproof Your House?

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Having a baby is a very exciting time for you and your partner. You can’t wait to meet this new little person, who will be joining your family. But there are things you need to do before the baby comes – particularly if it’s the first time around for you or your partner. In other words, have a babyproof house.

Having a babyproof house is as important as getting vaccinations and making sure you have diapers on hand. You don’t want to handle a crying baby when you can’t find something that they need because it’s out of reach.

You don’t want a curious toddler to get into things that could do them harm or swallow something they shouldn’t have. And let’s face it, even adults take their eyes off of their phone, so why not make sure it stays safe from little hands?

How To Have A Babyproof House?
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Babyproof Your House Before Baby Arrives

While there are certain things that are important to babyproof before the baby arrives, there are also certain things you need before venturing into this parenting adventure. If you haven’t done so already, go over these beforehand:

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Hang Your Bags and Other Items Safely

While it might tempt you to keep things in place by hooking them on the handles of strollers or cribs, this is not a good idea. It’s too easy for a curious toddler or infant to grab the handles and pull themselves up and off the ground.

Instead, find a way to hang these items – such as bags and purses – on the back of a chair, wall hooks or make a button hook to hang them on the back of your car seat.

You can also use this to keep track of key items like your phone. You also won’t have to worry about your toddler getting into items like your wallet. You can easily check if something is missing and then replace it on the hook after you’ve done so.

Keep Cords Out of Reach

Corded blinds are a great way to control the amount of sunlight coming into the room, but they pose a danger for babies. Corded blinds and any cords in general should be out of reach.

This includes keeping the phone plugged in. If the phone is unplugged, you can easily check to see if it’s in a suitable location for your baby to play with it.

Keep Electrical Outlets Hidden

It can be tempting to leave a power strip on the floor so that you can plug in your phone and other devices instead of having to move them around all the time.

However, this is not safe because it’s too easy for an infant or toddler to chew on the plastic covers which could lead to electrical shock or even death. Instead, make sure you hide all outlets behind furniture or covered with outlet covers you can easily remove when needed.

Eliminate Sharp Edges and Keep Things Off of The Floor!

If you have things such as glass tables and sharp corners, now is a good time to consider moving them out of reach or getting some corner bumpers or cushions that will help prevent injury if something falls over onto the corner.

Also, make sure there are no breakable items on tables where your baby will be eating food from a high chair – accidents happen! Keep furniture clear of toys and other items so that your little ones don’t knock them over as they learns how to get around their new home.

Make sure toys have no sharp edges or strings that could cause harm if an infant or toddler pulled at them – it doesn’t matter if they don’t mean any harm!

To Babyproof Your House is a Necessity

When you’re babyproofing your home, you’re not just protecting your baby, but also making sure your toddler doesn’t get into things he shouldn’t.

This is when accidents can happen. So even if you have older kids, babyproofing your home should be done before they come back from school or their activities for the day.

This takes time and energy, but it’s worth it to make sure everyone is safe and secure in their own space!

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